How To Add A Date To A Leather Scrapbook Album Cover

How To Add A Date To A Leather Scrapbook Album Cover

I was recently asked by a reader how to add a date to a leather scrapbook album cover. Two things come to mind.

First is, since the cover is leather, you can use traditional leather stamping tools and ’emboss’ the cover. Here’s an excerpt from eHow on how to do this:

Add A Date To A Leather Scrapbook : Leather Stamping

¬†Leather can be used in a variety of craft projects and can be manipulated in many ways to give your crafts a personal touch. Leather is particularly good for making book and photo album covers. The material itself is sturdy and long lasting and will give your photo albums a high-quality appearance. There are many tools available for working with leather that you can take advantage of to further personalize your leather photo album covers. Learn how to use leather working tools to make a photo album from leather that you’ll be able to pass down to the next generation.


Open the photo album you want to make a cover for and measure its length, height, and depth. Add 1/4″ or a little more to each edge to ensure you get enough material to fold over.

Purchase leather from a leather supplier or a craft shop (see resources). You can buy leather in a variety of colors and textures, depending upon the final look you want.

Use leather shears or even a razor knife to cut the leather for your photo album. Trim the edges of the leather with a leather edge beveler.

Hand stamp any patterns you want stamped into your leather at this time. You can purchase many stamp designs at a leather supplier or craft shop (see resources). Wet the area of leather you want to stamp, then use a rubber mallet to apply the stamp designs to your leather to create decorative patterns or a border. Apply the stamps by tapping the stamp until it sinks into the leather to produce the design.

Open your photo album and fit your leather to it. Fold the edges of your leather around the edges of the photo album and use leather bond to fix the edges in place. Close the photo album and set something heavy on top of it while the glue dries. Give it two hours before you use your photo album to ensure the glue dries thoroughly. By Carl Hose, eHow Contributor

Original source.

Although this is about how to make the cover itself from scratch, you could apply the stamping technique to an existing cover. For added pop, (and with a careful hand) you can use a gold metalic pen to paint the embossed area. Think about those really old book spines and you get the general idea. My other thought about stamping is that if you are going to do this, try out the stamps on a scrap piece of leather first to get a feel for how hard you have to whack it in order for the stamp to look good.

My second thought about how to add a date to a leather album cover would be to embellish it with either some chipboard numbers or other bling-like embellishments. Rhinestones, pearls, beads etc.

Here’s a little video showing how to cover a notebook, which in this particular case is a cloth cover, but the principle applies.

Add A Date To A Leather Scrapbook : Embellished Cover

So there you go! Hope you found these ‘How to add a date to a leather scrapbook‘ helpful. Got any more scrapbooking questions? Leave a comment below.

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