Alternative, Creative, & Unusual Uses For Scrapbook Paper

Alternative, Creative, & Unusual Uses For Scrapbook Paper

Recycling, re-purposing or finding alternative, creative and unusual uses for scrapbook paper is one of those skills that grows over time.
Using die-cuts to make tags and embellishments & cards is one of the more standard uses. But have you considered beads, boxes and iphone covers?

Unusual Uses For Scrapbook Paper : Paper Beads

This video is rather long (and mildly unfocused), but she goes into great detail about how to roll the beads.

If you want to get your own [easyazon-link asin=”B002C03R10″ locale=”us”]bead making tool[/easyazon-link], they have one at the ever reliable amazon.

Alternate Uses for Scrapbook Paper: A Paper Box

Creative Uses For Scrapbook Paper : iPhone Covers

I found this clever trick on Pinterest the other week from Oops I Craft My Pants and had to try it for myself: iPhone covers using scrapbook paper!

Now when I had my first cell phone in high school (the old Nokia), I probably had about 15 different cell phone covers that I would switch out to match my clothes everyday! I figure this scrapbook paper iPhone phone cover is an easy way to update my phone without spending all the cash!

First thing I did was purchase a couple sheets of scrapbook paper from Michael’s.

I also purchased a clear iPhone 4 cover from Best Buy. You could really purchase any cheap clear phone cover, but I wanted one with protective rubber sides since I’m a klutz and always drop my phone!

First thing I did was trace the scrapbook paper around the iPhone cover to get the basic shape.

I cut out the main section just using a pair of scissors. I kept trimming and setting in the clear plastic phone cover until it fit perfectly. Once the shape was set, I used this as a template for the rest of the scrapbook paper.

For the camera hole I used a pencil to sketch in the hole that I had to cut out using an exacto knife…. and that’s about it!

I’m really digging these fabric scrapbook pages! Love the texture plus I scored them on clearance for only $1 each! Original source here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 3 unusual uses for scrapbook paper and are inspired to put some of your extra paper to a slightly off-the-beaten path use.
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