Awesome Scrapbook Bling For Your Pages

Awesome Scrapbook Bling For Your Pages

My new addiction is StumbleUpon (like I need any more addictions!), and I <ahem> stumbled upon this fantastic tutorial. I thought what a great piece of scrapbook bling for your pages. Of course, you’d have to spray this with acid free spray to include it in your scrapbook, but I just thought it was such a cute idea.

OK we all have done it… you forgot someone’s birthday or the cousin that wasn’t coming just showed up!

Fold a bill… make it special and you are safe!

I know you love me ;)


Essential life skill #3: folding a shirt and tie from a dollar bill. In terms of usefulness, I rank this right up there with the ability to parallel park. This is my first-ever money origami attempt, which was much more successful than the parallel parking section of my driving test, which I failed. Granted, nobody needs to parallel park in rural Minnesota where I grew up, so the incentive to learn was not great. A more useful skill is avoiding animals in your path, such as my math teacher’s escaped pig which was loitering in the middle of the road one morning during my lesson. Mr. math teacher came to the door in his boxers when we knocked to tell him his hog had gotten out. But I digress.


What are some of your favorite and unusual scrapbooking bling that you’ve added to your pages? Be sure to share in the comment box below. I’ll be re-posting this on our new facebook page, but if you don’t get a chance to go over there, be sure to click the LIKE button here.

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