Baby Scrapbooking

Baby Scrapbooking | One Of The Most Popular Types Of Scrapbooking

Baby Scrapbooking

One of the most popular areas of growth in the art of scrapbooking is baby scrapbooking. When expecting a baby, it is the perfect time to start scrapbooking. You will be able to document and memorialize every momentous milestone from the beginning of your pregnancy throughout your baby’s birth and first year of life. Think of how wonderful it will be sharing all of your experiences during pregnancy and your baby’s experiences during his first year with your child when they are older. Baby scrapbooking is a fun way to document everything you and your spouse are experiencing daily to share with your adult child later in life.

First Trimester Baby Scrapbooking

Your first trimester is the best time to start baby scrapbooking. Most people include all of the test results during this time. It is also a nice idea to show how flat your tummy is in pictures before you start getting your baby bump. Weekly photos and updates about how you and your spouse are feeling make the scrapbook even more special for your child.

Second Trimester Baby Scrapbooking

At this time in your pregnancy, you probably have had an ultrasound done to ensure that your baby is healthy. Be sure to ask the ultrasound technician for copies of the pictures to include when you are baby scrapbooking. Remember to allow for a journaling area so that you can write down your thoughts and experiences during this special time.

Third Trimester Baby Scrapbooking

Your third trimester is such an exciting time. You will more than likely be preparing your baby’s nursery, having a baby shower and generally be getting ready to bring home your precious little bundle of joy. It is essential that you document this for your child to enjoy when he is an adult. Be sure to include pictures of your tummy as well as photographs of the nursery being painted and decorated. Clear photos of the nursery furniture and layout add a really nice touch.

While baby scrapbooking, it is important to include information about your baby shower. Many scrapbooking enthusiasts add the shower invitation, list of shower gifts with pictures as well as a collage made out of wrapping paper.

The wrapping paper collage is simple to make. Just be sure that one of your family members or friends keeps snippets of all of the wrapping paper from your shower gifts. You can then piece them together and glue them on a page while you are baby scrapbooking for memories. This will be a really nice touch for your baby’s scrapbook.

Your Baby’s Birth

Many new parents take videos but often forget to get still photographs of their baby’s birth. When baby scrapbooking, it is really important to get the stills and journal about how you felt at each moment. Your child will be grateful that you took the time to do this when he was born.

Now that your beautiful baby is here, you will need to decorate the front of your scrapbook. If your darling is a little princess, try decorating the scrapbook with pink or lavender fabric. You can add flowers and ribbons to give it a more feminine appearance. Should your baby be a little prince, make the decorations more masculine with blue fabric and perhaps some sporting or superhero accessories.

Baby’s First Year

Baby scrapbooking should be continued throughout the first year of your little one’s life. Many scrapbooking enthusiasts take pictures and journal everyday of their baby’s first year of life. Babies change so quickly that they say they can see the difference in the pictures each day. Creating a baby scrapbook is a really sweet way to show your baby how attentive you were to detail when they were infants.