Baby Shower Scrapbooking Ideas: Plan the Perfect Party

What better combination than scrapbooking and baby showers! If you are looking for baby shower scrapbooking ideas, then look no further than the following post. This is an especially good alternative to the ‘traditional’ baby shower with all the silly games.

Baby Shower Scrapbooking Ideas


All your planning has been done for you with these unique baby shower ideas for a scrapbooking baby shower.


unique baby shower ideas Scrapbooking baby showers are all the rage these days.

Scrapbooking is becoming SO popular and it is SO addicting! There is just something about it that gets my heart pumping and gives me goosebumps. Maybe it’s the vibrant colors, or the patterned paper, or the sight of a completed page proudly displaying several special photographs.

I can’t explain it, but I often find myself thinking about it, planning for it, and anxiously awaiting for the next time.

So, it is no surprise that scrapbooking is being chosen more and more as the theme for baby showers.

How a Scrapbooking Baby Shower Works:

In your baby shower invitations, you will explain that the theme for the baby shower is scrapbooking. You will also explain that everyone is to bring enough scrapbook supplies to make a 2 page layout to give to the expectant mother. This includes paper, cutouts, stickers, and various types of embellishments.

During the shower, instead of baby shower games, each guest will make a 2 page layout for the expectant mother’s baby book. Then she will have all her pages done and all she has to do is attach her baby photos (whenever she starts taking them after birth) and write any comments or details she would like on the page.

It is a fun and unique baby shower idea & theme. A new mother finds it very difficult to make time for scrapbooking photos of her new baby. She is too busy feeding, bathing, rocking, burping, and holding her baby. And she has to sleep once in a while, as well! So, a scrapbooking shower really helps her to already have the scrapbooking done and all she has to do is put pictures onto the already decorated pages.

So, here are a bunch of unique baby shower ideas for your Scrapbooking Party:


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Not only are there some really good baby shower scrapbooking ideas here, but in the end, the shower recipient will have an awesome collection of scrapbook pages done by her friends to add to her scrapbook.


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