Becky Fleck’s Scrapbook Page Maps : Book Review

Some time ago I managed to procure a prodigious pile of books when Borders went out of business.
With most of the books costing under a dollar, you can imagine I ended up with quite a haul.

I still haven’t gotten through the stack yet, but slowly I’m working through the pile as time allows.
Oh to have ‘time allow’ me more time.

One of the most recent I picked up is Becky Flecks Scrapbook Page Maps. In my best teenage valley girl speak….

I needed this book *years* ago!

So, have you been in that situation where you have to prepare for a suprise dinner party and some of your guests have special diets, (vegan, gluten free etc) and your cooking mojo is all used up and you just wish your inner chef would just get off her lazy butt and *plan* your meal and shopping list for you?


Now, say your scrap-fu is all tired and used up and the creative mojo is taking a nap but you *have* to get that pile of photos organized into something stupendous but you don’t have it in you to come up with an idea.

You with me?

This book is a must-have for just this *exact* situation.

We’ve all been there. The to-do lists get longer, time gets shorter….your craft room is calling you, but there are so many other things that need to be done first. The muse is tired, whiney, and can’t be bothered….

Page Maps to the rescue.
It’s like having recipe cards for scrapbooking.
There are even cards in the back of the book that you can tear out and take with you to crops or retreats or (as the author says) fishing! I’m having a hard time picturing that.

At any rate, this book is simply fantastic. Plenty of ideas to kick-start your recalcitrant muse.
It’s all arranged by page size, so all you need to do is go to the right section and start flipping through to get some really stellar ideas. There are 60 in the book to choose from and they are all gorgeous!

If you don’t already have this book in your collection, you *must* get it!
Unfortunately, since Borders is gone, you won’t get it for the cheap price I did, but you can still pick it up at Amazon for a reasonable price. ( $10 ) Just have a look at what other customers are saying:

Becky Fleck’s Scrapbook Page Maps : Amazon Reviews

I have bought a few sketch books including the other “Becky” books and the Close To My Heart series and this one is FAR superior! Save your money on the others and invest in this one that will certainly inspire you. Not only did I get idea’s from the sketches for my layouts but I also came away with quite a few idea’s for using embellishments I already had in a new and fresh way.

The sketch idea’s are shown in double page spreads, single page spreads, 8 1/2 X 11 spreads and even some examples adapting them to cards. The layouts show you how to rotate the sketch, how to subsitute picture sizes and how to even elimanate pictures. They use enlargements as well as standard 4X6 pic’s. Just about any inspiration you need you will find within these pages.

The added (and priceless) bonus is the cards at the back of the book. You can pop out cards that have not only the sketch on them but also a completed page idea using the sketch and carry them in the box (also provided)to your crops. To me these cards were WELL worth the price of the book!

Don’t hesitate on this book. Chances are your other sketch books will become obsolete.

And here is another:

If you only could buy one idea book (GASP! What an awful thought!) this would be the one.

The layouts are beautiful and well-balanced. As another reviewer mentioned, they are very doable as opposed to many ideas that I would NEVER take the time to do. On the other hand, I suppose if you enjoy extremely elaborate LOs, you could do that too. The embellishments are given a spot on the map, but it is never spelled out what they have to be, so you could get as intricate as you want. There is plenty of creative freedom available. The sketches are also very versatile. I scrap 12×12, and for most of the 8-1/2 x 11 LOs I was immediately able to see how to translate them into the larger size. The book shows variations for each sketch, which gives you many ways to use them. They show rotation, inversion, direct copies and looser “interpretations” of the sketches. My head was all abuzz with ideas after I read this book.

There are a ton more 5 star reviews besides these two.

I hope you found this review useful and helpful. The ever faithful Amazon carries this book for a song….alright, it’s not 50 cents, but still….10 bucks isn’t bad! Add it to your arsenal today! You won’t be sorry. ( and yes, I will be getting a paltry commission for your purchases through my link….it helps defer the cost of the website)

If you can’t get enough of Becky’s layouts, she does have a second book out with even more inspiring layouts.

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