Best Way Organize Scrapbooking…Fill In The Blank

Best Way Organize Scrapbooking…Fill In The Blank

Staying organized in the scrapbooking world (or in life itself) is a constant challenge. At least for me. I have spurts of what I call ‘cleaning frenzys’ where my tolerance for the clutter has reached the limit and I must clean. I MUST clean now! Finding the best way to organize my scrapbooking ‘whatever’ is an ever evolving process. You got your photos (old prints), you got your digital prints, you got your paper, embellishments, stamps, tools, materials, supplies…..STUFF! Oh my gawd…where will it end?

I found this inspiring post this morning over on Katie The Scrapbook Lady’s blog. She’s talking mostly about keeping digital scrapbooking files organized, but her system is really simple. I’m more of a hybrid scrapper….can’t quite give up the feel of my hands touching paper. But I’m finding more an more that I’m dipping my toe in the digital waters. So for all you digital scrappers out there, and even for you old school scrappers, here’s some organizing tips to consider.

Best Way Organize Scrapbooking : Digital Files

This new approach of working on the tasks separately from the roundup is working well for me. I’m doing a better job of organizing the things in my life that will help me preserve my memories. Some of the tasks are fairly routine and easy, while others are a bit more challenging for me. If you want to join in, here’s my task list:


Every Month:
I will try to do as many of these tasks as possible each month. I plan to start working on them about a week before I post my roundup (I’m late this time) and I’ll just do what I can before the end of the month. These tasks will take longer the first few times you do them, especially if they are new to you. Once they are part of your regular workflow, you will find that they hardly take any time at all and will actually save you time in the long run!

Upload all digital pictures to my hard drive and clear off memory cards in my cameras. I like to batch import mine into Lightroom and apply tags, descriptions, and run Matt’s free preset on all my photos (Auto Preset for Portraits – even if they aren’t portraits because it doesn’t overdo it on the editing). If any of them need further tweaking, I can adjust the settings for that individual photo. I’m generally happy with the results I get and my photos are nice and pretty and ready to share. My digi friend Peppermint has a similar approach using one of Lightroom’s installed presets. She has a very helpful video tutorial on her site to explain how to import photos this way.

File all photos for the month in a computer folder labeled with the month and year. I have a folder for every year of my life and in each folder is a sub-folder for each month of the year. Actually, only the digital photos are that organized because my computer can read the dates from the files. My pre-digital photos are still sort of a “hot mess” but most of them are at least filed in the correct year. If you label and tag your photos your photos as you import them, you will save yourself a lot of headaches down the road and it will be easy to file them for later use. You will feel so organized!

Backup all new photos from the month on my external hard drive and also upload them all to Flickr. You can use any offsite photo storage site, but make sure you will be able to access the full size resolution of your photos. In my opinion (and after years of research), I’m convinced that Flickr is the very best option out there for photo storage. I usually do these back up steps every time I process photos and that’s the ideal method. It’s just become part of my workflow. If you’ve lapsed on this, here’s a good reminder to get these photos backed up in at least two places so you don’t lose any precious files!

I’m a digital scrapbooker so I have a lot of files to unzip, organize, and file each month. Even traditional and hybrid scrappers will probably have quite a few computer files to manage as well with pdf classes and printables, photo actions, and downloadable goodies. Now’s the time to get all those files moved out of your downloads folder (or off of your desktop – shudder!) and into your organizational system. This is how I organize all my supplies. Here’s a link to the organization section on The Daily Digi where you will find a lot of helpful advice on this topic.

All of my files and supplies are backed up to 2 different external hard drives. I no longer use DVDs because I have such a large collection of “stuff”. I also just started using an online backup service. I signed up for an unlimited yousendit account where I can upload zipped files for permanent storage. I upload a lot of my word and pdf documents to Google docs so I can access them from anywhere. I have an iPad so I also like to load some of my downloadable class pdf files into iBooks so I can learn on the go. I’m especially excited that the Digi Game Playbook comes in an iBook format as well now since this is one of my most used scrapbooking idea tools! Original source here.

Although she has some recommendations for free sources for keeping your digital files online, I personally don’t feel comfortable with that option. Privacy, schmivacy….so I keep my files on Amazon S3 and since I’m on a mac, I just use an archiving program called Arq that does my backups automatically. Amazon is not very expensive….I think the most I’ve paid is about $2.13 for the month.

So even though this post doesn’t cover every best way to organize scrapbooking….whatever….it’s at least a starting point. Seeing how others organize their stuff, be it digital or physical, is always inspiring and encouraging to me to get off my butt and start that cleaning frenzy. I know after I’m done I’ll feel so much lighter and more….oh I don’t know….organized!

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