Scrapbooking Room Envy : Color Me Chartreuse

Scrapbooking Room Envy : Color Me Chartreuse

I was just trolling the big FB (facebook) and ran across this post that is on one of the pages I like. Talk about Scrapbooking room envy. O. M. G.

As a fellow crafaholic and semi-reformed packrat, this room is the absolute best of both worlds. Beautifully executed with room to store all the necessities, its a real ‘gasper’.

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Scrapbook Paper Storage Ideas [Video]

Here’s a couple of videos with some really great scrapbook paper storage ideas. I find it really amazing how creative (and frugal!) some people can be.Continue reading

Scrapbook Space Organization

If you are like many scrappers, scrapbook space organization is a never ending process. And there are an infinite variety of ways to organize stuff.

For me the starting point (much like my garden) is that I organize that which irritates me most. Here follows a simple solution for dealing with Ribbon.

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The Ultimate Scrapbook Room [Video]

I have a tiny house and I dream of one day having the Ultimate Scrapbook Room.. For now, I make do with a ‘area’ in the garage. Someday…..This is just one example of how to organize your scrapbook room.Continue reading