Creating a Disney Scrapbook


A Disney Scrapbook : Where to Get Started


Disney Scrapbook

Whether your family has been to Disneyworld, your daughter loves being a Princess, or your son can’t get enough of Mickey Mouse, a Disney theme works great for scrapbooking!  If possible, set aside two or three hours at a time for scrapbooking.  You’ll need:  an album, Disney themed background paper, photos, Disney stickers, scissors and a glue stick to get started on your Disney scrapbook.


First decide the purpose of putting together a Disney scrapbook.

If it’s to recapture the fun you and your family had at Disneyworld, then your background paper can include any of the Disney characters.  If your daughter had a Princess birthday party, use background paper of the difference princesses.  For a Mickey Mouse themed scrapbook, look for background paper that contains Mickey, Mickey Mouse ears, and friends of Mickey.  You might want to purchase a pair of Mickey Mouse scrapbook paper edges–scissors that cut tiny Mickey Mouse ears along the edge!


Next decide if you want to purchase a Disney scrapbooking kit or if you’re going to purchase an album, the themed paper, etc.  There are several Disney scrapbooking kits available.  If you’re scrapbooking about Disneyworld, the albums include scrapbook pages of the different parks!  You simply just need to add a photo or two to each page and then have fun adding the stickers and embellishments.


Decide what photos you want to use with each themed page.  Usually two to four pictures per page works fine.  You’ll want to cut some of your photos.  For example, if the left side of a photo contains part of a building, then cut that side off.  Be creative and cut photos in fun shapes, such as circles or triangles.  Add borders to your photos if you wish.  If you’re using a Disney scrapbook kit, pictures are actually inserted into the page and usually it’s only one or two photos per page.


Tentatively place your photos where you think you want them on the page.  Decide if you want to add a border to the page.  You can use premade borders that come in a zigzag or scallop shape, or make your own.  Ribbon, string or twine can be used for borders as well.


Begin adhering your photos with a glue stick or scrapbooking two-sided tape.  Next add a few stickers.  Old buttons, sequins and other embellishments will provide added fun to the page.  Also, if you have any Disney greeting cards, cut out the characters and adhere to the page.  Try to keep the wording of your photo captions to a minimum; people will want to be able to quickly read through the information.  Be sure to use a permanent marker or a pen.

Disney Scrapbook On The Cheap!

If you’re not able to find Disney themed paper, which is usually sold at craft and hobby stores, don’t despair!  You can purchase Disney gift wrapping paper, cut it and glue it to plain stock paper.  Or just use colorful paper.  By the time you add your photos, Disney stickers, etc., the theme will clearly stand out.


Creating a Disney scrapbook will allow you and your family to remember special moments for years to come!