Creative Scrapbook Storage Units : What’s Your Pleasure

Creative Scrapbook Storage Units : What’s Your Pleasure


I am continuously amazed at the creative scrapbook storage units people come up with to wrassle their supplies into some kind of control.

Here’s a video of a really frugal approach with some great reuse of cabinetry, and other re-purposed item.

Dramamine warning in effect….the camera work is a bit nauseating (shaky) I don’t recommend watching this on a full stomach. You have been warned!

Creative Scrapbook Storage Units: The Frugal Approach

I really liked her repurposing of the empty plastic tape holders with the magnets on the back. Personally, I would have used thin magnetic tape (it’s like double-sided, tape only it’s a magnet. This stuff is fabulous and can easily be cut with a regular pair of scissors.

Amazon carries  [easyazon-link asin=”B0033LWX80″ locale=”us”]25 foot rolls of the stuff[/easyazon-link] and it lasts a long time.

So I have to ask….what’s your favorite scrapbook storage unit idea?  Share your brilliant ideas in the comment box below.

+Mary Carol

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