Dealing With Crappy People? Off Topic Post..Or Is It?

Dealing With Crappy People? Off Topic Post..Or Is It?

Or is it off topic? Because ultimately scrapbooking is about recording life. And boy howdy, life sometimes throws you some crappy people. Maybe we *should* scrapbook about them. Could be cathartic.

What brought this on was a friend sending me this amazing post (a two parter) about how to deal with crappy people. Really profound stuff.

Here’s a little excerpt about dealing with crappy people:

There are only four types of people. If you understand in advance how to deal with each of these four types you will be infinitely happier. Ultimately, interacting with the four types in the way I describe below will make one fit firmly into the first type, however difficult it is. That’s the goal. You don’t want to go through life unhappy.

In an earlier article I gave the Daily Practice that has helped me out of every tough situation in my life for the past 15 years (when I’ve been disciplined enough to apply it). It has 4 legs. Many of us focus in our daily lives on only one of the legs (Physical, Emotional, Mental, or Spiritual) but we need all the legs in balance to really sit down at the dinner table without falling.

The Practice works and brings one from the brink to success and then more success. I believe in it more than I’ve ever believed in any hocus-pocus anything ever.

But to develop the emotional leg of that practice takes a lot of work and I’ve written nothing on this. Probably because it’s the hardest. In my talks people ask about the Mental side, the idea muscle. But the Emotional side, equally as important, is much harder.

The key is to identify the FOUR types of people and discipline yourself on how you should approach these people.

The Four Types of People

#1 Happy. There are people who are genuinely happy in the world. Sure they have their suffering. Everyone does. But a lot of people really are pretty satisfied with their lives at this very moment.

A natural reflex (not for everyone, but certainly for some people) is to resent people for being happy. Who doesn’t do that some of the time? Raise your hand!

Let’s say someone lives in 20,000 square foot house in Connecticut, has a sexy wife (or sexy husband), and is genuinely happy. It’s hard not to resent such a person. This resentment will block the Daily Practice from having beneficial outcomes in your life.  In 2002 when I was pitching hedge fund managers to invest money with me I often ran into the exact person described above. And their families. The sexy wives in short shorts. The hedge fund managers served gourmet meals for lunchtime by loving cooks.

To read the rest of the article go here: Part 1 then  Part 2

It is dark, and somewhat depressing, but strangely hopeful too. I’m sad to say, I saw a lot of myself in these articles. Really made me think.

If you have the time and feel inclined, put your comments below. How did you feel about the article?

Maybe we should scrapbook some crappy people as a form of therapy….

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