Dear Gentle Reader – Fling Me Your Mud

Dear Gentle Reader – Fling Me Your Mud

I had set myself the lofty goal of doing a scrapbooking website review once a week. Of course after I had my fun little ambulance ride and my schedule is all shot to hell! Then it occurred to me (complete with light bulb over the head)…I could…um…you know….ask you!

What kinds of things do you want to read about?
Do you have any pet peeves or issues you want answers to?
Just want to vent?
Go ahead, let the mud fly!

Just think of me as the Dear Abby of the scrapbooking world.
I want to know the dirt. Lets get dishing.scrapbooking issues

I’ll start with my own personal peeve list. I’ll keep it limited to my current top 3. (because after all, it’s not all about me is it? <grin>)

1. Scrapbooking websites where I can’t find what I need easily. I realize they have to make a buck, but jeeeze people, do you have to slather the site with that much advertizing? And don’t get me started on pop-ups.

2. Videos that have all kinds of ingredients and paper cut sizes, and tools then no list of ingredients or links or any followup info. I’ve been noticing this a lot lately because I’m online trolling for good material every day. Sadly….some days pickins are slim. I’d actually like to go thru the videos I’ve already posted and come up with ‘recipe’ style lists of materials. Would that be helpful to you?

3. Multi purpose tools. I’m a fan of Alton Brown and his approach to the tools in your kitchen. If the tool does only one thing, he doesn’t use it. (well, that’s probably not *strictly* true, but you get the idea). How many different punches do you have? See what I mean. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one punch with a blade/cartride or some such that you can swap out? I’m not saying that there aren’t multipurpose scrapbooking tools out there….just not enough of them in my mind.

<whew> ….Soooo happy to get those off my chest. And now it’s your turn.
What’s buggin’ you? Vent away….. Please use the comment box below, or please join the conversation on our Facebook page. Thanks!

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  1. My pet peeve is people who write their pet peeves in comments area on nice blogs like this one.

  2. sharron :

    I have done this comment 3 times, so once more. How can I put the date on an album made from leather.? thanks

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