Fabulous Ideas for Baby Scrapbooks

Baby Scrapbooks

Try  These Awesome Ideas For Your Baby Scrapbooks



Thinking about putting together a scrapbook about your baby or grandchild?  Baby scrapbooks can be so much fun and will become a cherished keepsake for years to come.  Whether you choose to go with a baby scrapbooking kit or design your own scrapbook, here are some fabulous ideas to help you get started.  Have fun!


Kits for Baby Scrapbooks.

If you’re limited on time or you’re new to scrapbooking, then a kit might be just the thing for you!  Kits usually come with an album that has a cute cover that goes with the theme.  Inside the album you’ll find adorable scrapbooking pages.  You basically insert photos, jot down some information and the bulk of the work is done!  If you choose, you can add embellishments, such as buttons or confetti.


Baby scrapbooks kits can be purchased with a boy or girl theme, or some are gender neutral.  Some kits are designed to be used as a baby record book.  You’re able to record birth stats and milestones such as when the baby’s first tooth comes in, the baby’s first word and the first solid food.  The kits make for a thoughtful baby shower gift.


Designing Your Own Baby Scrapbooks.

The possibilities for baby scrapbooks are endless.  At craft and hobby stores, you’ll find lots of scrapbooking paper with baby themes–baby bottles, babies in diapers, teddy bears, pacifiers, rattles, baby ducks, etc.  Choose a particular theme or use multiple themes.  You might also want to consider purchasing a few special layout pages.  These pages are absolutely beautiful!  You’re provided with a background page, you add a photo and then you add the overlay and embellishments.


As you begin to gather supplies, besides baby photos, be sure to include: a baby shower invitation, birth announcement, clipping from the newspaper regarding baby’s arrival and other such memorabilia.  At the start of the baby scrapbook you might consider putting a family tree, showing the parents, grandparents and siblings of the baby.


Your baby scrapbook should be in chronological order.  You might want to begin with photos of the pregnant mom and one of the ultrasounds, followed by newborn pictures.  Be sure to include baby’s “firsts”–

  • first outfit
  • first tooth
  • first feeding
  • first bath
  • first Christmas
  • first car ride
  • first time in stroller
  • first smile
  • first time holding up head
  • first time rolling over
  • first time crawling
  • first time sitting up
  • first toy
  • first haircut


Embellish your pages with the hospital bracelet, a lock of baby’s hair, diaper pins, teddy bear confetti, baby theme cutouts and stickers.  Gather the congratulations cards and use the fronts of the cards to enhance your scrapbook pages.  Utilize the messages from some of the cards as well.  This is a great way to use the cards as a keepsake, rather than just storing them somewhere.


Baby scrapbooks are priceless!  Even if you can’t work on the scrapbook as often as you would like, purchase a photo box and place baby photos and memorabilia that you know that you want to include in the scrapbook.  This will save you time and when you do have an hour or two to work on your baby scrapbooks you’re all set.