Famous People Who Scrapbook: Queen Victoria

In my hunt for famous people who scrapbook, imagine my surprise to discover a Queen Victoria scrapbook.

Famous People Who Scrapbook : Queen Victoria


When Victoria met Albert: Tender letter reveals how Queen fell in love with her prince

By Katie Nicholl

The Queen has released a series of photographs and personal letters giving a rare insight into the life of Queen Victoria.

Buckingham Palace describe the collection as ‘Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Scrapbook’.

It commemorates the life of the only other reigning monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee.

The scrapbook is divided into nine different sections spanning Victoria’s early life, her Coronation, her marriage, family life and Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Gems include a letter from Victoria to her uncle the King of Belgium, Leopold I, who orchestrated her meeting with her cousin Prince Albert in 1836. The King felt they were suited to one another and the couple fell in love three years later.

In elegant handwriting in black ink, Victoria writes, about meeting Albert.

Letters: In this letter dated June 7, 1836, Victoria divulges her favourable first impressions of Prince Albert to her uncle King Leopold I of the Belgians after he advised a marriage between the pair would be a good idea

‘He is so sensible, so kind, and so good, and so amiable too,’ she writes, adding: ‘He has besides, the most pleasing and delightful exterior and appearance, you can possibly see.’

There are also fascinating mementoes from Victoria’s childhood including a colouring-book of paper dolls that the young princess painted herself and reports from her tutor which showed she was a bright pupil whose progress was generally ‘very good’ and ‘indifferent’ in her music and spelling lessons.

One of the most personal items to be put on the website is an entry from Victoria’s journal from June 28, 1838, which records her personal experience of her Coronation.


See the original here.

For any self professed anglophiles (like me), I love running across famous people who scrapbook. Especially someone as grand as Queen Victoria herself! How cool is that?

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