Finding Fun in Scrapbooking Clubs

Advantages Of Joining Scrapbooking Clubs


Scrapbooking Clubs

If you love scrapbooking but you’re tired of being creative alone, or you simply want to save money by combining some resources, then why not join one of the popular scrapbooking clubs or even form one of your own?


Scrapbooking clubs are becoming more and more popular as people try to find ways to have creative get-togethers and socialize while still participating in their favorite hobby. In some places, storefronts charge customers to use their scrapbooking tables and classes and workshops can be pricey. When you join a club, however, the fee is minimal if there is even a fee at all. So what are some of the other benefits of such a club?


Obviously, the socialization is a key component. Whether you’re getting together with a group of friends or a group of strangers, when you’re sitting around and working on a project that you love with a group of likeminded people the camaraderie can be a great asset. It can also be encouraging. You can talk as little or as much as you like, but sometimes simply being in the same room with other people can have benefits. Scrapbooking might feel solitary at times, but it doesn’t have to be enjoyed alone.


Scrapbooking clubs can also be a good way to combine resources.

Perhaps you have a lot of embellishments, tools, layouts, and pages that you aren’t using. Chances are, other people have similar things. By getting together and sharing what you have you can save money. Trading and sharing is an excellent way to cut down on costs. What might not be useful to you may be very beneficial to someone else.


Of course, you might even learn something new. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional scrapbooker, there’s always something new to be learned. You might learn from other members, or your club could choose to hire someone to come in and be a guest speaker for the evening to teach everyone some new techniques.


Clubs can be very flexible as far as meeting places go, too. Some restaurants have rooms that can be rented out or reserved for small groups and this is an idea if you want to combine a meal with your meeting. On the other hand, you might just want to take turns meeting at one another’s houses.


Your club can also be as regimented or as flexible as you want it to be. Some clubs have minutes, guest speakers, officers, and monthly schedules. Other clubs are looser in structure and meet a couple of times a year. During that time, the members might just sit at tables and work on their own scrapbooks or help others when needed. You might share your albums with other members or keep yours private and simply enjoy the company. Some clubs have monthly or yearly dues while others do not.


If you’re starting a club, then you might want to keep it between you and your close friends or you may want to advertise it and invite anyone to join. If you want to make it public, then posting advertisements on community message boards, at craft stores, and through local civic organizations is a good way to get the word out. It’s a good idea, however, that if you want to go this route that you start out with a good idea of how regimented and structured you want your club to be before you start inviting members in.


The goal to all good scrapbooking clubs is to have fun.

This should be a time of lots of creative energy and fellowship. It’s not often that you get to enjoy good company and your favorite pastime together! Scrapbooking clubs rock!