Finding Fun Quotes For Scrapbooking

Finding Fun Quotes For Scrapbooking

Finding Fun Quotes For ScrapbookingThis is mildly off topic, but…..

I’ve been listening to Christopher Moores books in the car on my way to and from work. I must have been hiding under a rock or something, because these books are absolutely hilarious. I’m practically wetting myself in the car I’m laughing so hard. Thankfully, a friend recommended them to me and I haven’t regretted a moment of it.

Word of warning though…these are not PG rated! Nor are they to everyone’s tastes. The best way I could describe them would be to imagine the TV show ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ (times 10), mix in a little ‘Veronica Mars’, throw in a soupcon’ of ‘Young Frankenstein’, mix thoroughly, and have the bastard stepchild directed by Quentin Tarantino.

O. M. G.

So what the frilly heck does this have to do with finding fun quotes for scrapbooking? Well, sit yourself down grasshopper, and I’ll ‘splain….

As much as there are a veritable butt-load of quote sites out there, for the most part, they have one thing in common. A lot of these quotes are written by old dead white guys. Not all, mind you….but a LOT.

I like to spice things up a bit with my scrapbooking and am always on the hunt for fun, sassy, witty, whimsical and <gasp> irreverent quotes.

Of course, there is no convenient website that has these all organized and ready for indexing. Yet.

Color me bummed.

Meanwhile, I’ve teased you with the promise of some fun quotes. (at the moment mostly from the book You Suck which I’m in the middle of)

And I’m all, ‘Dude. Shields up. Creep. Stealth. Lowest profile.’ ~ Abby Normal (From You Suck)

I am all totally overcome with dread and foreboding, and the time passes like a seeping infection on a bad eyebrow piercing~ Abby Normal (From You Suck)

Don’t judge me. I have looked death in the face and made him my bitch!~ Abby Normal (From You Suck)

What Longstocking did not have, was the coolest cyber-ninja-sex-magic boyfriend to save the world and whatnot. (Props to Pip, but girlfriend needed some yang to rock her yin)~ Abby Normal (From You Suck).


Can you see that I have a favorite character here? Oh and the narrator does her voice in the most amazing valley speak!

Since I’m mostly into the audio versions right now, I had to crack open the pdf to pull these out.

Someday, in my copious free time, maybe I’ll put together something a little more….

So I have to ask….where are you finding fun quotes for scrapbooking. Overheard any interesting conversations in the checkout? Surprise us with your favorite source by leaving a comment below.

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