How To Make Scrapbook Embellishments : 3 Video Mashup

How To Make Scrapbook Embellishments : 3 Video Mashup

There is a whole big bad (sometimes overwhelming) world of scrapbook embellishments out there. Learning how to make your own embellishments can save you some money. Plus, it’s fun to add new skills to your arsenal.

This first video is for getting a ‘forged metal’ look, and although she’s covering a box, you can easily extrapolate the technique to other items you could add to your pages. Tags, buttons, textured ribbon….the sky’s the limit. This is likely not archival safe, so at the very least, spray any embellishments you make with this method with archival spray.

How To Make Scrapbook Embellishments : Forged Metal

How To Make Scrapbook Embellishments : Flowers

As always, the folks at have wonderful tutorials that will take you by the hand and walk you through the process. As an added bonus, this video features the use of a product called Glubers….I don’t know why this word cracks me up…but but I get a chuckle out of it. Sadly, Glubers are discontinued, so you’ll need to come up with an alternative double-stick clear vinyl. (I’ll research some sources for that in the near future.) presents a creative and unique way to make beautiful handmade distressed flowers. Kelsey walks you through a simple step by step process using glubers, some strips of paper, and some easy techniques

How To Make Scrapbook Embellishments : Make Your Own Stamps

Learn how to make your own stamps out of funky foam. cheap and oh so simple, either create your own designs, or convert your die cutters into co-ordinating stamps for embossing etc. quick, easy simple and super cheap!


I hope you found these three ‘How to Make Scrapbook Embellishments‘ videos helpful. As always, share the love by clicking the like button.

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