How To Scrapbook Cheap : Some Fabulicious Ideas

How To Scrapbook Cheap : Some Fabulicious Ideas

Want to learn how to scrapbook cheap? Here are some tried and true resources for you. This post is absolutely chock full of great tips so apologies in advance for the long post.

How To Scrapbook Cheap : Places To Find Inexpensive Scrapbooking Supplies


stamping-and-scrapbook-supplies-by-katiescrapbooklady.jpg We all know how easy it is for scrapbooking expenses to get out of hand.

And, with most of us being on a budget, finding free or super cheap scrapbooking supplies is an absolute must.

Believe it or not, there are several websites online that have either free or very inexpensive scrapbooking supplies, thus making it easy to feed your scrapbooking addiction without breaking the bank!

Here is a comprehensive list of places to find free (or very cheap) scrapbooking supplies…


#1  Scrapbook Scrapbook has tons of free scrapbooking supplies that you can print out yourself on your home printer.

They have free printable backgrounds, frames, alphabets, borders, diecuts and clipart to name a few things.

I have personally found the stuff on this website to be very helpful when it comes to keeping my scrapbooking budget in check.

#2  Mom’s Break Free Printable Directory is a website that has pages of things you can print out and use in your scrapbooking endeavors.

I was really impressed with all the Valentines items, and it was clear to me that the website is kept up-to-date.

It’s in a blog format, but that just makes things really easy to find — since the different topics are all lined up in a column on the right. There are baby items, birthday items, holiday items, you name it, you’re bound to find it there somewhere. Definitely worth a looksee

#3  Collected Memories has a number of free diecuts that you can print out on your computer and use in your scrapbooks.

They’ve got birthday, wedding, and seasonal diecuts that are very nice, and can come in especially useful when you are doing scrapbook pages with those themes.

#4  Heaven Graphics has a collection of really lovely background papers that you can print out on your printer for free.

I especially like these, as they have all different kinds and colors, and ones that even look like textures. I don’t know how much the textures would show up since you are printing them, but I’m definitely going to be going back to this one and will print some of these for sure!

#5’s Free Scrapbooking Cutouts Index has some very cool cutouts.

They have a wood set, a blue sandstone wall set, and many others that I could see coming in very handy the next time I break out the old scrapbook stuff and make a new page. It’s definitely worth checking out.


 How To Scrapbook Cheap : Some More Tips


I am one of those people. You know, the weird “grandma stuck in young body” women who like to clip coupons. One of my absolute favorite pastimes is to scrapbook. I have been scrapbooking for years and have mastered the skill of scrapbooking on the cheap pretty successfully.

The first scrapbook I made was in high school and not only did I spend too much money on it (over $100 I’m sure), I also didn’t really know what I was doing. I spent lots of money on individually themed papers, stickers, embellishments, tools and so forth. I had never scrapbooked before and really it was just a clusterfu-k. I learned a lot after doing it though…like you need a plan, ideas, materials…and you need to do as much of it as possible without breaking the bank! Here are my tips:

1. Start stocking up on materials.
I always have an eye out for materials long before I need them. If a pair of craft scissors are on sale, I buy them. If paper packs are on clearance because they are out of season (Christmas paper, Valentine’s Day, etc.) I snatch them up. If I see Glitter pens at the dollar store, I grab them. It may seem annoying to keep this stuff around, but trust me it’s really nice to have them on hand when you need them. Just store it away in a shoe box in the closet like I do until you need it.

I got these packs of papers for a dollar each in the dollar section at Target along with the stickers. Total cost for 52 papers and stickers: $8. Normal cost of a pack of 36 papers alone: $7.99 in the scrapbooking aisle.

2. Use nonconventional materials and ideas.
I did a wedding scrapbook two years ago and a cheap and awesome idea I had was to use the cards from the guests. It was an awesome way to keep all the cards and well wishes from the guests and it also was an interesting twist to the scrapbook. It made it more personal and fun to look at later on. It was also cheap, since it was free. I used some of the fronts of the cards for wedding quotes and love quotes instead of spending money on the quote stickers at the craft store. It also was an easy way to theme my layout because I would use the colors on the card/font as my color scheme. More unconventional materials may be gift bags (baby shower bags are great for baby scrapbooks), wrapping paper (hella cheaper than scrapbook paper), buttons, etc.

This is actually my wedding scrapbook and here I used actual cards from guests.

3. Use craft scissors.
These are amazing. They seriously make any page look better. They are also expensive so buy them when they are on sale, when you have those beautiful 40% off coupons from Michaels and/or JoAnn Fabrics and at garage sales. And never let them go because you can use them for making cards too.

This is a page from my latest scrapbook for the baby I nanny (more pictures below) and you can see how I used craft scissors to make the pictures look more interesting. I love craft scissors!

4. Get ideas for layouts from the library or online-like here.
I go to the library almost weekly because I love all things free and I like to research. I absolutely love looking at scrapbooking magazines and books, which are plentiful. In these you get so many layout ideas that it really eases the brain fart you get when you sit down at your desk with a 12 x 12″ page and a million stickers and pictures to choose from.

5. Get prints on the cheap.
Get your pictures printed out when you have coupons, when stores have photo deals or print them out yourself from home (although, surprisingly I think this sometimes turns out to be more expensive). Source


Here’s a couple of ‘smash’ books or mini-scrapbook done by Katie on KissAndTellScrapbooking.

Her videos are flash and published on Ustream and since I’m a mac-aholic, I hope to upload these to my youtube channel (hope you don’t mind Katie). [I will update this post once I have them up there.]

This is one of those breadcrumb situations where one link leads to another and then to another and in my best Breck commercial voice…’and so on, and so on’.

It’s just mostly pictures of the books she’s created….but oh, what beautiful work! And a smashing idea.

I wonder if that’s where they get the name ‘smash book’?



Paperclipping Roundtable

I am honored to be on the panel of this week’s paperclipping roundtable along with several super talented folks: Elise Blaha, Ali Trumpower, Nancy Nally, and Noell Hyman. In this podcast, we discuss one of my very favorite topics: Unique Mini Books!

You can see the types of books that we’re talking about below.

Summer 2011 Mini




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OMG! If you’ve made it down this far on the post, congratulations on finding my latest how to scrapbook cheap tips. I hope you found at least one useful. Be sure to share this with your friends

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