Ideas For Scrapbook : Website ‘O The Week 4.20.12

Ideas For Scrapbook : Website ‘O The Week 4.20.12

I thought I’d start a series of Website ‘O the Week where I evaluate a scrapbooking site. What I’m looking for is the resource potential.

These potentials could include anything from simple ideas for your scrapbook to scrapbooking kits, video how-to’s, freebies (usually in the form of digital downloads) and so on. I hope you find them useful.

I might as well start with the ubiquitous (an very commercial) 800-pound gorilla of scrapbooking resources

This site pretty much has it all. Forums, Deals of the Day, How-To’s (divided into Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced). With over 480,000 subscribers to their newsletter (myself included), you can see why this is such a popular site.

There are a number of great free resources that you can use on this well-organized site. One of my personal favorites is the ‘scrap by color’ feature. Personally, I suck at picking colors. But with this tool, you can upload a photo that you want to base your layout around, and it will make a variety of suggestions that really look awesome. Of course they also offer helpful die-cuts, embellishments, backgrounds etc for you to buy. This is the part I find dangerous, because it’s soooo easy! Too bad you can’t grocery shop this way by entering in a couple of recipes.

Another area I like to peruse for ideas for my scrapbook is the gallery. Here, you’ll find not only layouts, cards and projects, but also whole rooms and how they are organized. You can get some really great ideas on how to get your scrapbook room organized by seeing how others are doing theirs. Similarly, I ‘borrow’ other people’s garden ideas when I take my dogs out for a walk.

Their quote section is also pretty decent with the quotes organized topically by subject. I have a more irreverent collection of quote sites I’ll be sharing in the future. Currently they are completely scattered in no particular order in my bookmarks folder. So once I get them somewhat organized, I’ll do a post on the more ‘off the beaten path’ quotes.

The actual store part of the site itself is also extremely well organized….I want these people to organize my house! You have your daily deals, your clearance items, or you can shop by favorite brand or simply by price. On a budget? Not to worry, stick with the Dollar Store…everything that’s listed is under $1. Of course it’s up to you to limit your spending! Be aware, that if you click on any of the links in this article, I get a small commission that helps me pay for the upkeep of this site.

I hope you found this article helpful….I have a collection of over 200+ scrapbooking sites that I’m going to go thru. I imagine that list will grow. Especially if you put in your favorite site in the comments below!

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