Ideas For Scrapbooking Is Now On Facebook!

Ideas For Scrapbooking Is Now On Facebook!

Well… spin my tail and call me spooky‚ wouldja look at that?

Sometimes I need to be dragged into the current century kicking and screaming. I knew I needed to have a ‘presence’ on Facebook, but between procrastination, that river in Egypt called ‘DeNile’, and my own stupendous laziness, I just kept never ‘getting around to it’.

Of course I had to get my full metal geek suit on and make a whiz-bang cover profile page, because…that’s just the way I roll baby!

So, since I managed to waste, <ahem> spend a ridiculous amount of time fiddling with my fan page, I’m giving myself a day off from posting. So there!

Be sure to check out the new Facebook Fan page and LIKE it.  Pretty please with a cherry on top?



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