Ideas On How To Utilize Scrapbooking As A Business

Here are a few ideas on how to utilize scrapbooking as a business.scrapbooking as a business



Do you love to scrapbook?  Are you a creative person?  Are you interested in making some extra income?

Preliminary Steps to Scrapbooking as a Business

The first step in considering scrapbooking as a business is to make a list of the type of projects that you can provide.  Scrapbooking goes well beyond the realm of albums.  Some other possibilities are:  note cards, recipe cards, name collage, shadow boxes, picture frames, coin banks and calendars.


Once you’ve identified the types of projects that you can do, create a brochure to promote your business.  Make the brochure fun, just like you would an actual scrapbook page.  List the various projects and costs.  Be sure to include actual photos of some of your work.  Come up with a clever name for your business as well.  Several stores have a community bulletin board where you can post services.  Many times doctor offices, public libraries and laundry mats will allow you to place brochures on their counter tops.  Put your brochure in as many places as possible.


Consider scrapbooking clever bookmarkers to promote your scrapbooking as a business.  Have the name of your business on the front side and your contact information on the backside.  Punch a hole at the top of the bookmarker and tie a ribbon through it.  The bookmarkers can be handed out to family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else you know.

When scrapbooking as a business, start by introducing yourself.

Type a letter that can be used to contact area businesses and organizations.   Let them know that you would like to be of service to them…perhaps create an album documenting a group’s members or a calendar to promote a specific organization.  Enclose a brochure with the letter.


At some point, you might want to consider setting up a website.  For starters, include the same information that you use for the brochure.  Over time, update the website with pictures of your latest projects.  You might even want to blog about your scrapbooking experience.


When you’re invited to a baby shower, a bridal shower, a graduation or a birthday party, take a scrapbooking gift.  When people rave about your gift, it provides an opportunity to let them know that you’ve started your own scrapbooking business.


As with any new business, it’s easy to be very enthused and willing to take on as much as possible.  However, before viewing scrapbooking as a business, realistically determine how many hours per week you can devote to scrapbooking.  Be sure that your materials are organized and that you have plenty of space to work in.  Ideally, you should set up a scrapbooking room.


Keep an account of your expenditures.  Because you probably have plenty of supplies on hand, it’s a little difficult to know exactly how much your materials actually cost when you work on a project.  However, as you purchase new materials, keep a record of each item and the cost.  Also, keep record of the money you make.  If you’re making more than a few hundred dollars in profit during the year, you may need to report this the next time you file taxes.


Whether you aim to have a big business or you’re simply looking to make some money every now and then, scrapbooking can be a profitable business. Scrapbooking as a business is a great way to take a skill that you love and create some income out of it.