I’m Back, But Not Scrapbooking Yet.

I’m Back, But Not Scrapbooking Yet.

So after an all too brief battle with pancreatic cancer, my colleague at work mercifully died in her sleep last Saturday. She will be missed.

I still don’t seem to have the motivation to scrap right now. But I know that it will come back to me soon.

Meanwhile, despite ignoring the site for a ridiculously long time (and seriously contemplating selling it)…I was shocked to discover one of my pages went viral. It’s the one with the video about making cute origami scrapbooking affirmations.

Last Saturday, I had nearly 3000 visitors. Wow.

Since that post was about the origami part of the equation, I thought I’d at least do a post about the affirmation part. You can see some of the best affirmations here.

Here’s hoping life is treating you well. Let me know if there’s a scrapbooking topic you’d like me to tackle….because right now, I’m at a loss. Comments, as always are welcome.

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