Inspiring Scrapbook Web Design : The Chicken Or Egg?

Inspiring Scrapbook Web Design : The Chicken Or Egg?

Inspiring scrapbook web design is all around us. It’s one of those situations where you can’t really tell which came first, the chicken or the egg. Well, that’s not entirely true since scrapbooking has been around for a lot longer than blogs! Still — today’s form and style of scrapbooking is relatively new (with all the embellishments and inks and mixing of different crafty mediums) and many bloggers – especially if they are scrappers, make their blogs look like the medium that they are about.

This post is more from a design standpoint, comparing the scrapbooking physical craft to the digital representative of the websites. It’s a surprisingly long list (and I was surprised to NOT see one of my favorite scrapbooky web designer in the list.) That’s Avalon Rose  in case you were wondering.

At any rate, since inspiration comes from all kinds of sources, here’s a small collection of scrapbook (and non-scrapbook) sites that have the look and feel of the ‘real thing’. Peruse, browse, get inspired!

Inspiring Scrapbook Web Designs: A Prodigious List!

Web design has roots in numerous other artistic fields, one of which that blogging not only honors, but often mimics in design and use alike is scrapbooking. Just as scrapbooks capture moments with more artistic accompaniment than photos, collaging various elements together to present a story; blogs capture moments in digital format, usually using images and other elements with the text to complete a story.

Design is another way these two mediums tend to crossover with often fantastic results. That is where today’s spotlight is aimed, at some scrapbook style web designs that perfectly capture the feel of this crafty medium. Take a look at the gallery of designs and get ready for a refill of your creative fuel.

Putting the Pieces Together

Ali Edwards‘ site has a look that most would not recognize as scrapbook derivative, however, she is following a popular style of scrapbooking called Project Life (which is what her site is dedicated to). So visitors will instantly recognize the boxed off look and make the association.

Simply Me goes for the classic, collage style scrapbook look, complete with a watercolor background and the recycled pages edging the site’s main content area. All of the elements work together wonderfully to complete the feel of this design.

Jennifer McGuire Ink goes for a cleaner and sharper cut look for the site, while still maintaining the scrapbook theme and pieced together feel. The small, patterned swatches behind the header feel like they came straight from the scrapbooking aisle of a craft store.

Write. Click. Scrapbook. goes for a much more minimal approach to scrapbook style web designs. But with the blending of fonts in the header to the crafty button styles and beyond, scrapbooking styles still call out from the design.

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I hope these inspiring scrapbook web designs have whetted your appetite and you are inspired to create your own scrappy blog or at the very least, ‘scraplift’ some of the fabulous design ideas these sites present.

Got a favorite scrapbook site that you’d like to see featured? Leave the link in the comments below and tell us what you like about the site. Design Fab? Check. Good tutorials? Check. Great Freebies? Check.

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