Layouts for Scrapbooking

Layouts for Scrapbooking

Layouts for Scrapbooking

Layouts for scrapbooking are as unique and varied as the people that are making them. The design and layout should be something that pleases the eye and gets your creative juices flowing. After all, scrapbooking is simply telling a story with pictures and embellishing the pages to enhance the story. Many layouts for scrapbooking include an area for journaling your thoughts about the events depicted on the page. This often makes the scrapbook even more interesting.

Large Picture Layouts

The easiest and most basic formats used by new scrapbooking enthusiasts are large picture layouts. These are so simple to make and really give the page a creative and one of a kind look.

Let’s say that you are scrapbooking about a vacation you went on last week. You went to a variety of places including the botanical gardens. While there, you took an awesome close up picture of a beautiful pink daisy. The picture would make a great page in your vacation scrapbook. Using large picture layouts for scrapbooking can make a huge statement in your book. You can leave the page with just the large picture or you can add stickers and other embellishments to add interest on the page.

Layouts for Scrapbooking with Two or More Pictures

Layouts for scrapbooking when using two or more photographs can be truly unique. There are so many ways to make the layout different and incredibly distinctive. Sometimes just by experimenting with different picture placements can give the page a totally different look and feel.

You can angle the pictures on paper that holds special meaning to you, align them vertically, horizontally or stagger them. It’s all a matter of personal preference. There are no dos and don’ts when it comes to layouts for scrapbooking.

Many people who enjoy scrapbooking like to cut their pictures into a variety of shapes. This is especially true on birthday pages. It is quite common in the scrapbooking world to use paper with balloons on it for birthdays. Cutting the pictures into circles and placing them on the balloons gives added interest to the page.

Collage Layouts for Scrapbooking

Most scrapbooking enthusiasts enjoy making collages in their scrapbooks. This is a simple way to incorporate numerous photos on the same page. It is essential that you make sure that you have duplicates of each photo in case you need them later. Never cut up original photographs when creating collage layouts for scrapbooking. You will regret it in the future if you do.

Start by cutting the people out of the pictures and layering them all over the page. Try not to cover up anyone’s face while making your collage. Collage layouts for scrapbooking can really be fun and interesting to create.

Puzzle Layouts for Scrapbooking

Many people really enjoy doing puzzle layouts for scrapbooking. There are several ways to do this that will make your scrapbook fun and interesting. Your creativity will really shine through when you are creating puzzle layouts for scrapbooking.

Most people that scrapbook make their puzzles out of numerous pictures. They simply cut the pictures out so that they all link together as in a regular jigsaw puzzle. This is a really fun way to make family puzzle layouts for scrapbooking.

Puzzles can also be created out of almost anything. Some people make puzzle layouts for scrapbooking with fabric or wrapping paper. It’s really a great way to remember important events such as a bridal or baby shower. Most of the time, wrapping paper is usually balled up and thrown into the recycling bin. It would be a lovely and thoughtful surprise to save pieces from each of the different papers and create a scrapbook page for the new bride or mom to be.

One of the funniest and entertaining puzzle layouts for scrapbooking is created with a bunch of page sized photographs. This is so easy to do and so much fun for everyone involved. Take head shots of each member of your family including any pets. Print out the pictures so they all match the size of the paper. Stack them all up and cut them into identical pieces according to the number of photos that you have. Now, mix up all of the pieces and glue one puzzle piece for each family member to create a new picture. Your family and friends will love looking at these pages and trying to figure out which feature belongs to which person.