Learn How To Scrapbook Online : Stamp Acadamy Review

Learn How To Scrapbook Online : Stamp Acadamy Review

cupcake treatboxA couple of the things that have bothered me about learning how to scrapbook online is the sheer overwhelm of techniques, tips, amateur (Dramamine anyone?) videos and whatnot that’s out there.

Instructions are poor, video sound quality is spotty, and sadly, more often than not, you don’t get a real good list of materials and dimensions. It’s exhausting, I tell you. Who has the time to wade through the crap?Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of really good videos out there. Some even have decent (if not always complete) directions. But they are all over the place, and sometimes, I just want to go to one place. (kind of like how amazon is now my go to online shopping locations….but I digress….)

Since I’m a proud introvert, I don’t go to crops. So my learning has had to come from my own trial and error (fun, but sometimes too time consuming). Most of what I’ve learned,  I’ve picked up online. AKA…surfing youtube. And we all know how much of a time suck that can be! Entertaining? Yes. Productive….eh, not so much.

For all you traditional scrappers out there (especially beginners), here’s the perfect ‘curriculum’ for you. This set of videos and their companion pdf’s lay it all out for you. What you need, and how to do it.

Um…kind of like a recipe you could say.

Just to whet your wistle, here’s an example of one of their freebie videos plus the companion pdf


See the rest of the 15 videos here.

Man, I wish these had existed when I started out. What a great way to take an online class in the comfort of your home and learn how to scrapbook. There are some really beautiful techniques and projects that you can add to your arsenal if you are already an experienced scrapper, but if you are a beginner, I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Start your scrapbooking adventure and sign up today.

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