Learn How To Scrapbook : Where The Heck To Begin?

Learn How To Scrapbook : Where The Heck To Begin?

The single most asked question in the scrapbooking world is ‘How To Scrapbook’.

This is kind of like asking ‘How To Cook’. There are as many different ways to scrapbooking as there are people doing it.

If you are new to scrapbooking, there are a number of resources out there that will help you learn how to scrapbook.
People also learn in different ways. Some like reading, some like video, some like just diving in and learning by doing it.

With that in mind I’ve put together a collection of links, tips, books and videos to assist you. I’ve tried to cover all the different learning styles.

If you are a visual learner and like videos, the folks over at WatchMojo have a really nice channel and a ton of helpful videos (I’m actually subscribed to them)

Learn How To Scrapbook

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Lesson 1 – Why We Scrapbook and How to Get Started
Lesson 2 – Creating Your First Layout
Lesson 3 – Essential Scrapbook Supplies
Lesson 4 – Photos: Sorted and Scrapbooked
Lesson 5 – Protecting Your Memorabilia
Lesson 6 – Find Friendly Support in the Forums
Lesson 7 – Find Your Focus
Lesson 8 – Scrap by Color
Lesson 9 – Simplified Scrapbooking with Floorplans
Lesson 10 – Ways to Shop for Essential Products
Lesson 11 – Take it Step-by-Step
Lesson 12 – Get Inspired in the Gallery
Lesson 13 – Journaling Made Easy
Lesson 14 – My Place Tutorial
Lesson 15 – Scrapbooking Time Management Tips
Lesson 16 – Tackling Big Projects
Lesson 17 – Saving Time and Money
Lesson 18 – Organize Your Supplies
Lesson 19 – Scrapbook Quickly with E-Cuts Printables
Lesson 20 – Scrapbooking with Kids
Lesson 21 – Free Online Learning with Scrap Tutor
Lesson 22 – Big Picture Scrapbooking Online Class
Lesson 23 – How to Host a Successful Crop
Lesson 24 – Wrap Up! (free gift)

This class was created by Jill Davis (Scrapbook.com Founder) and a team of expert scrapbookers. You’ll learn from some of the most knowledgeable scrapbooking teachers in the world and it won’t cost you anything.

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Where were we before Wiki? I remember my dad having an old musty encyclopedia in the den that I cracked open on occasion…but now, with the internet, you can find (and be overwhelmed by!) so much info.

If you have a lot of pictures and mementos just stashed away in a box on your shelf, then it is time to take them out. These pictures usually reflect your hobbies, your youth, vacations, or photos of loved ones. Pictures say a thousand words, but what is the use of them if they sit in a box under your bed? It’s time to get them out and create a scrapbook!

Here are some quick and simple steps to making the perfect scrapbook for the person on the go, who is not looking to spend a lot of money! After conquering these steps, you will be able to preserve all of your favorite memories!

Scrapbooks can be addictive. Once you make one, you will want to make more. The more you make, the more items you will want to put on the pages for decoration and detail. Have fun, enjoy and show your “books” to anyone who wants to see them. Its fun to capture your friends in the moment, and the places that you go. On a special event, keep a note on where you went, anything specific that you did when you were there and, of course, funny moments. If possible, try and write down funny comments that were made or embarrassing and entertaining stories that happened. It’ll help when you actually get down and start making the scrapbook. You could also cut things out of magazines like that cool sofa or just celebrities that you like… GO WILD! (source)


There’s a 10 step gallery at About.com that walks you through a basic scrapbook. This is mostly just pictures with a little bit of explanatory text.

How To Scrapbook – Making A Basic Scrapbook Page

By Rebecca Ludens, About.com Guide
These simple steps will help you create a basic scrapbook page that showcases four special photos. This layout has basic clean lines that will look fabulous in your scrapbook albums. The free sketch in this gallery can be used again and again with different colors and patterns of paper for different themes and looks. (source)

Of course, if you prefer physical books to learn from, my number one source is always Amazon (strangely, I’m finding them to be my number one source for many things these days!)

I hope to do some more book reviews in the future, but for now, the amazon reviews will have to do.

How To Scrapbook – By Joy Aitman

My friend checked this book out from the Library and showed it to me. When I saw it, I knew that I needed it. It has lots of fun ideas like stringing interesting beads on wire and using puzzle pieces to add interest and dimension to pages and my favorite, cards. I knew that I didn’t want to forget the ideas, so I bought the book, and I’m glad I did!

So, I hope you found this post helpful in guiding you to learning how to scrapbook. It’s an amazingly popular hobby that is enjoyed by tons of people. Please be sure to Share/Like this post by clicking on the buttons below.

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