Looking For Ideas For Your Scrapbook?

Looking For Ideas For Your Scrapbook? Sometimes we get stuck, or overwhelmed or we are just not on speaking terms with our muse.

Perhaps she needs a wee kick in the heiney to get her inspired again?

Ideas For Your Scrapbook

When we look through our pictures to get scrapbook ideas for our next project, we often get caught in the chronological vortex. We decide to create a scrapbook album that walks through our life from beginning to end.

Why not get a little creative?

Try looking at your pictures from a theme standpoint. You might find the best scrapbook ideas are centered around themes like those listed below. Scrapbooks can be designed to relate to either a specific theme or an on-going theme.

Specific theme scrapbooks are limited in scope. They have a set number of pages and the theme of the book usually carries throughout. Examples would be: Wedding Albums, Vacation Albums, and Heritage Albums .

On-going theme scrapbooks are nearly unlimited in scope. After each new event/year a new page is added until the book is full. Then, often, a new book is started. Examples include albums that record a child’s development, celebrate a yearly family vacation, or preserve yearly Christmas traditions. .


I really appreciated the simple list of themed ideas for your scrapbook…in a nice list.

Now that I’ve kicked my recalcitrant muse in the butt, it’s time to get scrappin’..!

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