My First Ambulance Ride *Ever* | Weird Tie-in To Funny College Scrapbooking Quotes

My First Ambulance Ride *Ever* | Weird Tie-in To Funny College Scrapbooking Quotes

I consider myself pretty darn healthy. I eat right, my gene pool is good German peasant stock, and although I probably don’t exercise enough as I should, the dogs get walked twice a day and I never go to the bathroom on the  same floor of my building. (easy way to get some stairs in). Oops, that last one might be a little bit TMI …!. And how in the frilly heck can I get funny college scrapbooking quotes out of this? Be patient grasshopper, all will be revealed.

Last night (actually this morning around 4AM) My headache from yesterday afternoon morphed into a case of extreme verigo.
Weird to be lying in bed with your eyes closed and having the room spin. My freakin’ eyes were closed for crying out loud!
And the vertigo brought friends that required I “talk to Ralph on the the big white phone.”Big White Phone
It’s probably been 10-15 years since I talked to Ralph.
Not fond of Ralph.

So the long and short of it is that my Boo  called 911, I took an ambulance to a hospital that I’ve never been to, met some really nice paramedics, doctors and nurses who patched me up. They released me around 8:30 to go home, brush my teeth, drink some water and fall back into bed. Thankfully without the Tilt-A-World special effects.

Not how I wanted to spend my day.

So color this my scrapbook blog post of the day. I’m not doing two…not gonna happen..

Boy, howdy…..I don’t want to be doing that again any time soon.

So how in the world am I going to turn this epic saga into a post on scrapbooking?

Say you’re doing a college party scrapbook.

There were some hilarious but unfortunate events that occurred 😉

  • Pictures were taken
  • Regrets were had.
  • Funny quotes are needed

And here is by no means a comprehensive list for your funny college scrapbooking quote pleasure: (those who are squeamish may want to look away)

The Singles:

  • Up-Chuck
  • Goping
  • Ralphing
  • Horking
  • Heaving

The Creative Multi-Word Phrases:

  • Laughing At The Carpet
  • Shouting Groceries
  • Driving The Bus
  • Calling Ralph On The Big White Telephone
  • Spin-Art (If You Barfed While Passed Out)
  • Praying To The Porcelain God
  • Yodeling In The Porcelain Valle
  • Tossing Your Cookies
  • Technicolor Yawn
  • Blowing Chunks
  • Giving A Rainbow Speech
  • Shouting For Hugh
  • Calling Europe On The Porcelain Phone.
  • Downloading The Menu
  • My Exploding Butt-Trick Backfired

Yes, I can make anything about scrapbooking!! If you liked this post and want to ensure my public humiliation, please share with all your friends!

+Mary Carol

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  1. amanda :

    Is it wrong that I want to laugh at you in your hour of need?

    • Mary :

      Totally *not* wrong….I needed to laugh about this to! Thanks for the comment. Good drugs are helping….that and some lovely puppy cuddling.

  2. This is funny. Probably not all that funny at the time, but you told the story well.

    Hope all is well with you!


    • Mary :

      Glad you enjoyed it….apparently during the ‘episode’ I misplaced my modesty while still retaining my bossiness. Thanks for the well wishes. They gave me some good drugs. Can’t drive for a week or so while things settle, but I’m squeezing my Boo for all the pampering I can get!!

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