Scrapbook For Baby Boy : Some Ideas For You

Scrapbook For Baby Boy : Some Ideas For You

When creating a scrapbook for your baby boy, (or gifting one to a friend), there can be an overwhelming variety of ideas to choose from.

Here’s a few to kick-start your creative juices:

Scrapbook For Baby Boy : The Mini Album

Here’s a nice show and tell of a mini scrapbook for a baby boy.
Looks like it was made as a gift for someone. What a lovely idea to give to a new mother.
Some really nice ideas here that you can incorporate into your own baby boy scrapbook.

Scrapbook For Baby Boy : For Beginners

The folks over at Scrapbooking 101 have a really detailed How-To;

Baby photos. There’s just something about those sweet photographs and wonderful (though sleepless) memories that deserve an album all their own.

How do you get started on a baby album? Come with me—I’ve got a few tips and tricks for creating a baby album of your very own!

Organizing Chronologically
As with any album, you can organize your baby book in lots of different ways. My recommendation is to organize baby photos chronologically.

When you open your album, you’ll notice the first page is a single, and the next pages are double-page spreads—meaning the open book shows two pages side by side. I organized my daughter’s baby book chronologically, making that first single page an “introductory” page, with her name, birthdate and place of birth. Here’s an overview of a standard baby album.

Pre-Baby Photos. Dedicate the first couple of pages to preserving those pre-baby experiences. Capturing this time of anticipation, nervousness and excitement is a wonderful way to begin your book.

The first double-page spread of my daughter’s baby book records the thoughts my husband and I had in anticipation of her arrival…how excited and nervous we were to become parents for the first time. This section is perfect for sonogram photos, pictures of the baby’s room, memories of Mom’s cravings and any funny or heartfelt experiences. It’s also fun to include pictures of Mom’s changing shape. I’ve seen wonderful albums with a whole page showing different profile photos of Mom through the months. (When staging these photos, you could also wear the same outfit in each one to really emphasize your growth.)

You might dedicate another page or double-page spread to baby showers. As with wedding showers, you might have had several different showers—you can scrapbook them all on one page, or dedicate a separate page to each one, showing “Friends” shower, “Work” shower and “Church” shower, for example. Don’t forget to include a list of gifts received—as these gifts become keepsakes, it’s important to remember who gave what. You can include cards as well, by making a pocket page and simply tucking the cards inside.

Hospital Photos. Kids love to hear the story of when they were born. Write down the circumstances of Mom’s labor—the rush to the hospital, the relatives who were on stand-by, and how Dad took it all! Of course, this is also the place to scrapbook that oh-so-flattering photo of the exhausted parents in the hospital with the newborn. Don’t forget to record vital stats: Weight, length, and time of birth plus the name of the doctor and the hospital. You can save the newborn’s baby bracelet in a little pocket attached to the page.

What about journaling? Before creating these pages, take a few minutes to handwrite or computer journal some of your memories from this time. How did it feel to have this tiny person suddenly in your care? When we left the hospital after our daughter’s birth, my husband and I were suddenly struck with terror at the thought of driving all the way home with her in the car. She seemed so fragile, the world so dangerous, and we so unqualified!

Oh, yes—you might also include the cost of your hospital stay. The amount of money might seem like a lot now, but future generations will be amazed that “it only cost that much!” Another fun journaling technique is to include the cost of what everyday items cost in the year Baby was born: a loaf of bread, milk, house and car. The rest is here.

For those of you with more experience who just want a simple materials list and basic instructions, here’s a lovely design done by Melissa Ulmann from Creative Memories.

Scrapbook For Baby Boy : Experienced Scrappers


scrapbook for baby boy2Ingredients:
Rugged Baby Boy 8×8 Scrapbook Kit US
Rugged Baby Boy 8×8 Scrapbook Kit CA
Lovable 8×8 Scrapbook Kit US
Lovable 8×8 Scrapbook Kit CA
Deep Blue Cardstock US
Deep Blue Cardstock CA
Basic Decorative Cardstock US
Basic Decorative Cardstock CA
Blue Dual-Tip Pen US
Blue Dual-Tip Pen CA
Foam Squares US
Foam Squares CA
White Cardstock US
White Cardstock CA

How to Create:

Use a piece of Deep Blue Cardstock as your base. Adhere a green Rugged Baby Boy photo mat. Cut a piece of Cranberry Basic Decorative Carstock to 5″ and adhere.

Adhere a blue circle 8×8 Rugged Baby Boy paper. Adhere two 4″ x 6″ photos to 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ White Cardstock. Adhere to the layout.

Adhere the stars and monkey stickers with Foam Squares.

Add journaling as desired wit hthe Blue Dual-Tip Pen.

Finished Size: 12″ x 12″

Project Designed by: Melissa Ullmann (Source Here)

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