Scrapbook Inspiration Ideas : Flickr Collages

Scrapbook Inspiration Ideas : Flickr Collages

I like to get scrapbook inspiration ideas sometimes from peoples flikr collages. There’s a really nice one below.

Scrapbook Inspiration Ideas : Flikcr Collages


random bits of inspiration

scrapbook inspiration ideas1. Ambition, 2. Eat Cake, 3. Tiny Sun, 4. A cloud of cherry blossoms caressing the sky, 5. mail call, 6. On Food Styling and Photography, 7. Day 330, 8. Spring Is Coming, 9. pascha.3, 10. palm springs (two), 11. boat beneath a sunny sky ~ lingering onward dreamily, 12. IMG_2486, 13. Untitled, 14. Home Sweet Home, 15. one, 16. IB Lovin’ this Pier: #3

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It’s been awhile since I’ve made a mosaic from my Flickr favorites. I’m always inspired when see beautiful photos like these!


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Where do you get your scrapbook inspiration ideas? Magazines? Photos? Nature? Leave your comment below…

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