Scrapbook Inspiration Ideas : When Ugly Becomes Awesome

Scrapbook Inspiration Ideas : When Ugly Becomes Awesome

Sometimes when we are looking for or exploring scrapbook inspiration ideas, we find ourselves taking unexpected turns. I was reminded of this when reading Donna Downey’s blog yesterday where she talked about that last final touch turning an ugly duckling into a swan. She even includes a long video taking you through her whole process. Now this is not a scrapbooking page (per se)….more of an art journal, but the ideas are still the same.

Scrapbook Inspiration Ideas : When Ugly Becomes Awesome

omg this weeks inspiration was a sinking ship…the more i added to it the uglier it became (dont believe me? watch the video!) then all of a sudden with a doodle of india ink it became a page I LOVE! that is why the quote i stamped by picasso is my favorite and needed to be on this page, “inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”…TRUE DAT!

watch the ugliest page ever take a turn for awesomeness!!

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What I really appreciate about Donna’s post is she shows ALL! Not only visually in the video itself, but also in a complete materials list breakdown below the video.

I absolutely adore that! Of course all the links to her list of items used are links to her own store, but a girls got to make a buck here and there. I get that. But as far as scrapbook inspiration ideas? Did you get any from watching this? I sure did. It’s amazing the journey that the creative process takes you through, and how sometimes even the most uninspired path can surprise you with a beautiful outcome.

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