Scrapbook Layout With Lots Of Pictures

Scrapbook Layout With Lots Of Pictures

Doing scrapbook layout with lots of pictures can be a challenge. It’s so easy to end up with a crowded mess. Since I’ve started dabbling in going more toward digital scrapbooking, I’ve found a bunch of inspiration that can help with this. This first is a video by a male scrapper….yes, they do exist, but I suspect they will continue to be a rare and endangered species!

Scrapbook Layout With Lots Of Pictures : Try The Comic Book

I really loved his unique take on scrapbooking and pushing the envelop a little by breaking away from some of todays’ current styles.

Inadvertently, I stumbled upon a blog where the owner takes you through the process of going digital…a woman after my own heart. I found myself wishing for a menu or some sort of categorization of her pages….but it’s pretty bare bones. Maybe it’s just new? I do appreciate though, that she gives the links to her sources.

This weekend I did a couple more layouts just for me. One is for the iron scrapper competition at scrap orchard . I downloaded the latest grab bag and created this layout.


The requirements for this weeks challenge were to use 5 or more pictures and there had to be at least 4 crowns on the layout. I’m getting into doing challenges they stretch your skill set and make you think out of the box. This time I knew I wanted to scrap these pictures as he’s wearing a crown but the papers weren’t quite the right color so I had to do some re-coloring of the papers and elements to work with my pictures – another advantage that digital scrappers have is the ability to do this. The template I used was – Fan Templates by Scrapping with Liz which is available at scrap orchard.

I had been waiting all week for the latest kit  from Anna Aspnesto be released. I had seen a preview and knew I had to have it. Sweet Pea is the name of the kit and these are my favorite flower and the pet name I use for Eleanor. Anna is English by birth just like me and I love the artistic style of her supplies. Very different from Chelle’s Creations.

If you like this style of supplies you should check out the gallery at for some inspiration. The creative team she has working with her products create fantastic works of art. When she had the team call I applied but didn’t get chosen. I’m glad now as I have so much to learn about this style of scrapping that I would have felt under lots of pressure. I don’t think my everyday scrapping will become this style and I will remain doing the majority of my layouts so they look like paper but once in a while I love to create a more artistic layout and her kits make it so easy.


Here is the layout that she inspired me to create. I knew I wanted to scrap a childhood memory about the sweet peas my grandmother used to grow every summer and was so excited to find a picture of myself with a bunch in my hand which made it even easier. Its going to make a great addition to my all about me album. As a side note I’m really proud of the number of layouts I’ve been getting done for this album recently. Original source here.

Please note – the blog images used above are borrowed for inspiration only. Full creative credit goes to the blog owners. They just rock my socks off. 🙂

Have you considered going digital? If not, at least I hope you found some of these scrapbook layouts with lots of pictures helpful.

I’m thinking about trolling for some freebie layouts. Would that be helpful to you to have a bunch in one place? Let me know in your comments below. Thanks.

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  1. These are such cute pages you’ve created! Thanks for the fun ideas!

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