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If you are like many scrappers, scrapbook space organization is a never ending process. And there are an infinite variety of ways to organize stuff.

For me the starting point (much like my garden) is that I organize that which irritates me most. Here follows a simple solution for dealing with Ribbon.

Elegant, simple and cheap!

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New Ribbon Organization & Room Redo

I really like the ribbon holders from Michael’s, but I found that a lot of my ribbon didn’t fit or I had to cut down the trimming and try to shove them in. I bought this curtain rod from (yes you guessed it) IKEA about a year ago for a whopping $1.99 and debated whether or not to use it. I like how it’s displayed, but we’ll see if they unravel after a while. There jammed in there pretty good so they are supporting themselves as well.

I also put my desks back the way they were before. The room is 10′ x 11′ and is too small to have 1 giant desk in the middle. When I do have more than 1 person over I can always screw the legs onto the 2nd smaller desk to make 1 large one again.

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For the most part, I’ve gotten my scrapbook space organized to my liking (for now). My next irritation is the odd-balls and one offs. Paper and ribbon is easy because it’s all the same size (more or less). It’s the weird bits and bobs that are not uniform that seem to breed like bunnies.

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