Scrapbooking Baby Book Ideas

Scrapbooking Baby Book Ideas

Looking for scrapbooking baby book ideas? Lots of new mothers get their first foray into the world of scrapbooking by starting with this simple scrapbook. Here’s a couple of resources I’ve found to help:

Scrapbooking Baby Book Ideas [Video]

This video has a good simple to follow ‘recipe’ like materials list. I LOVE it when they do that!


The folks over at Disneys Baby Zone have put together another cute and easy to create Baby Book

Create a Baby Book

The idea of starting and maintaining a baby book during the hectic early months of new motherhood can seem daunting, but once you get going, it’s easy to create something your family will cherish.

by BabyZone Editors
Craft Supplies
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Gather Your Supplies

What do you need to get started? A scrapbook, archival paper, photo corners, a glue stick, scissors, a paper trimmer, photos, and mementos.

Colored Paper
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Use Colorful Backgrounds

Choose colorful paper to make a lively background for
photos and other tidbits. Try to choose paper that complements, rather than distracts from, your photos. Pictures and memorabilia should be the focus of the page.

Baby in Cap
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Start with Baby’s First Picture

Which image comes first? Try the best of baby’s hospital photos!

Smiling Baby
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Add Favorite Photos

“Baby’s first after-bath smile!”

Match an assortment of favorite milestone photos with captions about the moments in which they were taken.

For the rest of the steps, click on the source link below:



Here’s another great article from the baby scrapbook place.

Baby Scrapbook Pages

There are so many pages to remember to make if you are creating your own baby scrapbook pages. With a traditional baby book, it’s easy. You just fill out the pages provided. If you are creating your own baby scrapbook pages, I recommend you make a list of pages you want to add to your baby memory book. I find it helpful to print out a list of the pages you want included in your memory book. You can keep this list inside the baby book and check off the pages as you create them. Below, I have the most common pages to include in a baby memory book. I have divided the baby book pages into six categories: before baby arrives, the big event, family, all about baby, baby firsts, and not so common pages. This is a great resource. It provides sample titles, journaling ideas, poems and sample layouts for each particular baby scrapbook page you need to create. Here is a list of them… (click on them for a detailed description) Before Baby Arrives baby scrapbook page This is the Story of… The title page is usually the first page in your baby memory book. It tells who the scrapbook is about.

Waiting for Baby to Arrive

Tips on creating baby book pages about waiting for baby to arrive.

Getting Ready for Baby

Create a scrapbook page about preparing for baby’s arrival.

Finding Out if Baby is a Boy or Girl

This is a page dedicated to the moment you found out if you were having a boy or a girl. If you found out the sex of baby during an ultrasound, then you may want to combine this page with your ultrasound page.

Ultrasound Page

It can be difficult to come up with ideas on creating an ultrasound scrapbook page. You are not working with your typical pictures. Before you get started, make sure your ultrasound photos will not fade over time. Here are some tips and sample layouts to help you create a beautiful ultrasound scrapbook page.

View the rest of the article here : Source

I hope you try one or more of these scrapbooking baby book ideas the next time the mood strikes..
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