Scrapbooking Demographics

Scrapbooking Demographics

I hadn’t really given scrapbooking demographics much thought as I’m a rather private scrapbooker. But this blog post by Theresa Celebran Jones gave me something to think about.


The demographic makeup of the scrapbooking blogosphere triggers a longstanding anxiety I’ve had about being the only Asian person in the room. It mostly takes me back to growing up in the ‘burbs and having to explain myself and the things I do in ways that most other people didn’t have to. And in a community centered on telling very personal stories, it just seems like it would be exhausting.

For reasons I can’t really articulate, I’ve always sought out personal blogs by women of color, and it’s no different with scrapbooking blogs. I’ve at least been lucky in this regard, as there is no shortage in design work done by Asian American artists. Many of the big names in scrapping include Amy Tan (not to be confused with the author), Kelly Purkey, Geralyn Sy, Leena Loh, Liz Tamanaha, Shaui Lee, and Jin Yong. Somehow I feel a little more at ease when looking through their projects and seeing photos of their families, and it makes the crafting community seem a little less… threatening.



What’s your scrapbooking demographic?

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