Scrapbooking For A Boyfriend

Scrapbooking For A Boyfriend

Are you scrapbooking for a boyfriend? Here are some inspired and creative takes on the classic boyfriend scrapbook.

Scrapbooking For A Boyfriend : [Video]

I found this fun video on youtube that’s in high speed so you see her do the whole process. Lot’s of great ideas here.

After over three months of getting ready for the wedding, getting married, enjoying hawaii on our honeymoon, looking for an apartment and decorating the place I am finally back with Scrapbooking How-To Videos! Thanks for your patience!

This layout I created about our honeymoon and since I wanted to write a few things down, I made this interactive page with looooots of journaling space ๐Ÿ˜‰

Scrapbooking For A Boyfriend : Simple Instructions

Here’s some simple instructions from the folks over at eHow:


Write out a few words that make you think of your boyfriend all over a sheet of paper. Then tear them into smaller pieces of paper with only one word on each piece.

Gather all the receipts and tickets for shows, fairs, dinners, gifts, movies and concerts to which you both went. Choose which one you at which you had the most fun and put this off to the side.

Spray all of your documents with perfume from 12 inches away. This gives a subtle scent and will not ruin the ink on any of your papers.

Open your scrapbook or photo album and begin to place the receipts and tickets inside with one on each page. Leave room to write around the item when a piece of paper is inserted behind it.

Write out your favorite poems onto a few sheets of paper, as well a few of your own ideas about how you felt next to each item in your scrapbook. This will give you an idea as to what order to place the items in, inside of your memory album. Insert these behind some of your items.

Use the item you set aside in Step 1. This is going in the last spot along with an entire page of how you felt having this particular day with him. Relive it on paper and he will as well every time he opens your scrapbook. Source.

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