Scrapbooking While Moving : What, Are You Nuts!?

Scrapbooking While Moving : What, Are You Nuts!?

I know there are some hard core scrapbookers out there who manage to carve out time to scrapbook in the most amazingly busy of time, but scrapbooking while moving? Dang girl…..I bow down, because I am not worthy!

Seriously though, Christa over at Write.Click.Scrapbook did a fascinating post on her big move to Japan and has managed to pare down her scrapbooking supplies to the essentials. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about.

Scrapbooking While Moving : The Secret? Simplify.

So we are currently undergoing and finishing up our 8th move in 14 years. That’s right, pretty much every other year we are packing up everything we own and either heading a few hundred miles away, across the country, or in this case – across the world to Japan. Although the packing and loading is done for us thanks to Uncle Sam, I have still become an expert on packing up those precious crafting supplies-all my scrapbook items. That way it makes it easier not just for the packers, but for me when I’m unpacking it all on the other side. I have to remind myself of the brad incident of 2008 when they were all found at the bottom of a box, in 1000 pieces (yikes!)

I was lucky enough to have our mailing address prior to moving here so I packed up some must have supplies in a 15 x 13 sized box and mailed it to myself to have on hand while I waited for the rest of it.  So my scrap room currently looks like this:

Scrap supplies 1

Scrap supplies 2
You’re jealous, right?!!

What I have found during this process is that although I do miss having a lot of things at my fingertips, having a limit on supplies and tools actually makes my scrapbooking easier and I get pages done more quickly. Because I don’t have 15 punches, 38 flowers, 74 buttons/brads and 43 tags to choose from, the time it takes to making those crucial design decisions gets whittled down quickly!

As far as packing it up to move it, I have come to this conclusion: I should take out stock in Ziploc bags! That’s my go to organization piece.  I either separate by manufacturer (for design team items) or by embellishment.  So buttons go in a plastic bag, tags go in a plastic bag, etc. For paper I keep my boxes that kits come in or I go to the post office for those nifty free priority boxes and start loading paper and cardstock in those.  This makes the unpacking so much easier on the other end for sure!

Original source here.

I’ve long held the belief that even though scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby, we can sometimes get bogged down by the details and minutia of all the bits and bobs that go along with the craft. Simplifying to this degree is perhaps not completely necessary, but it certainly is inspiring. And if someone can find a way to scrapbook while moving because of it, I’m going to take a closer look at some of those unnecessary punches that I’ve used maybe once or twice.

What is your most difficult scrapbooking organizational challenge? Leave your comments in the comment box below.

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