Setting Up Scrapbooking Rooms

Scrapbooking Rooms: Have you been thinking about utilizing a special area of your house just for scrapbooking?


Scrapbooking Rooms

Do you want to know ideas on setting up scrapbooking rooms?

Then the following information will help you out.

A spare bedroom, a small office, or a corner of the great room, all work ideally as scrapbooking rooms!  You don’t necessarily need an entire room devoted to scrapbooking, but certainly need a space big enough to accommodate your supplies.

Why scrapbooking rooms?

Like with any hobby, it’s easier if you’re able to work on a project for a bit and can leave it “as is” until you have time to work on it again.  If you have to put away all of your scrapbooking supplies each time, then you might become less motivated to scrapbook.  You’ll feel as though you’re spending the majority of your time setting up and putting things away.

Here are some ideas to consider.

Setting up work space.

If possible, set up two work stations.  One station should be open space.  This is where you’ll do your actual scrapbooking.  Ideally, use a desk that has drawers for this station.  You’ll then be able to keep your scissors, tape, glue and other supplies readily available in the drawers.  The other station should contain your equipment, such as a Cricut Creative machine, paper trimmer, laminator, etc.  Use a power bar that can be kept on the counter for easy access.  An inexpensive way to create a station is to purchase a counter top that’s on sale and place it on top of two two-drawer file cabinets.


Organizing paper.

Miscellaneous paper can easily over take scrapbooking rooms.  Purchase wire paper racks to house your paper packs.  For loose papers, use plastic milk crates.  Organize paper according to color.  If you have a lot of holiday paper, use a separate crate and organize according to holiday.

Organizing ribbon, string and twine.

If you tend to use a lot of ribbon, string and twine, place two hooks on the wall closest to your work station.  Using a wooden dowel, slide your ribbon, string and twine over the dowel and then place the dowel on the hooks.  You’ll have easy access and won’t have to deal with a tangled up mess.


Organizing embellishments.

Baby food jars, or small clear jars that can be purchased at a hobby store, are a great way to organize your sequins, buttons, tiny flowers and other small items.  If you have lots of stickers, use a photo album that has the self-adhesive plastic sheets.  Organize the stickers by theme.

Purchase clear plastic containers for other supplies and keep them on an open bookshelf.  Make a label for each container.  You’ll be able to quickly scan the containers and find what you’re looking for.

Setting up scrapbooking rooms can be a lot of fun and well worth the effort.  You’ll be able to easily find what you need and you’ll have a great workspace that will encourage you to be super creative with your scrapbooking ideas!