Still More Scrapbook Layouts Ideas For Free

Still More Scrapbook Layouts Ideas For Free

For all you traditional scrappers out there, here’s a quick tip when you get stuck for scrapbook layout ideas. Whip out your trusty browser and your close personal friend google (which, when you think about it is kind of like a digital Ouija board) and search on ‘digital scrapbook layout templates’. You will find an overwhelming amount of freebies to download. Don’t go hog wild though. Limit yourself to no more than 5 that really light you up.Original_ouija_board

Just like your recipe repertoire, you are looking for something that’s a keeper that you can use over and over. Keep things simple. With that in mind, here’s a great idea from Donna over at Write.Click.Scrapbook.

Recycle Your Best Scrapbook Layout Ideas

Last month I kicked off my series on easy summer scrapbooking by sharing a sketch with you (find it here).  This month I am back with another one of my favorite ways to get pages done quickly – by recycling your designs.  Essentially, scraplifting yourself.  I know it’s nothing new, but, it works!  Ask anyone who scrapbooks a lot and often and they will tell you that this is the secret to getting pages done fast.

For my example today I have two layouts to share with you.  The first one I made a couple of months ago

More than you know II

It documents the feelings of joy we felt at Samuel’s arrival into this world.  He’s grown so much since then!!  Just yesterday he rolled over for the first time.  And he started scooching too.

{As an aside, my two older boys were early crawlers and early walkers.  My days are numbered folks.  Pretty soon this one will be on the move!}

I wanted to scrapbook these photos of my middle son giving Sam hugs and kisses.  There were two photos and I thought they would both look best cropped to squares.  I immediately thought of the layout above and decided to just reuse that design.  Here is the finished layout

Baby hugs 1

But, I’m supposed to be talking about scrapbooking… sorry!  I want to say that sometimes I reuse a design by breaking it down into its most basic elements (photo, journaling, title).  Almost like reverse engineering a sketch.  Other times I use the design almost exactly, so I’ll look at how I used the pattern paper and how I embellished a layout.  This layout came together pretty quickly for me because I chose to do a more direct scraplift.

Original post here.

Please note – the blog images used above are borrowed for inspiration only. Full creative credit goes to the blog owners. They just rock my socks off. 🙂


Cracked me up that she drifted off topic, because you know, I never do that! <sarcasm font here>

But her point here is this, work with what works, don’t over-complicate. You may surprise yourself with the amount of time you saved as an added bonus!

So I have to ask… many scrapbook layouts are in your repertoire. Over or under 100? Do tell!

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