Too Distracted?

Too Distracted?

Me too! I am pulling my hair out trying to fix a bunch of fiddly things on the site. I know it’s dog slow….I’m working to get that resolved by doing that special tech support dance where there are invocations and chicken feet. My social icons suddenly decided to take a mini vacation….<insert wailing and hair pulling noises here>

Plus the craptasticness that is my job has me so down, it took two retail therapy trips just to get me to a point where I was not biting peoples heads off.


To further distract me, I’m delving into the world of Pintrest and am still figuring out how to use the dad-blammed thing! I feel old.

I did manage to post/pin something though.

The post is here.

The pin is here

Would love to get some feedback. RePin anyone?

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