Top Five Ideas for Scrapbook

Ideas For Scrapbook – Here Are The Top Five


Ideas for ScrapbookSimple Ideas for Scrapbook

Scrapbooking now ranks as one of the top ten most popular hobbies!  It’s a hobby enjoyed by the young and old, male and female.  Perhaps you’re new to scrapbooking and need ideas for scrapbook.  Here are five ideas to help you get started.  Have fun!!!


1.  Scrapbook a vacation.

When thinking about ideas for scrapbook, scrapbooking a vacation can be lots of fun.  Gather your vacation photos, postcards, stubs from museums or movies, and any other souvenirs that are flat enough to use in an album.  You can either purchase a vacation scrapbooking kit or purchase scrapbooking pages and stickers that correspond with your vacation.  For example, if it was a vacation to the ocean, use paper with an ocean theme and stickers of shells, starfish and sand castles.


2.  Scrapbook your child.

The possibilities of creating a scrapbook about your child are endless!  You can scrapbook the birth of your child.  There are some cute kits available or you can purchase individual scrapbooking pages.  Consider making a scrapbook of your child’s elementary years and then one of his or hers high school years.  On a special birthday, such as the 16th or 21st birthday, give the scrapbook to your child as a special keepsake.


3.  Scrapbook a wedding or anniversary.

Whether it’s your wedding or perhaps your daughter’s, scrapbooking a wedding is a special way of capturing the special day.  Be sure to include a copy of the invitation, lots of photos and any other memorabilia.  Use the same colors as the ones used in the wedding.  Consider scrapbooking anniversaries as well, especially the big ones such as the 10th, 25th and the 50th.


4.  Scrapbook home renovations.

Think outside of the box for some ideas for scrapbook.  An ongoing type of scrapbook could be one designated for home renovations.  Be sure to take lots of before and after pictures.  Type brief information regarding the renovations.  The scrapbook will be a reminder of all the renovations, and can actually come in handy should you decide to resell your home.  An interested buyer will want to know what renovations were done.


5.  Scrapbook a special outing.

A trip to the zoo, a special birthday party, or a day at the water park, are just a few examples of special outings that make a great theme for a scrapbook.  Purchase corresponding themed scrapbooking paper.  Along with pictures, have fun using souvenirs, stickers, special borders and rubber stamps.


As you’ll soon discover, ideas for scrapbook, are endless!

A scrapbook can be very specific, such as your son passing his driver’s test, or very broad, like the various pets your family has had over the years.  As you begin to sort through photos you’ll come up with ideas to scrapbook about.


Scrapbooking is a time to be creative and to reflect back on memories that are very meaningful to you.  With a few basic supplies, you’re on your way to hours and hours of scrapbooking fun!  Scrapbooking doesn’t need to be done all at once.  Encourage a family member to join in on the fun. There’s just a plethora of ideas for scrapbook.