Tuesday Tutorial : Ideas For Scrapbooking Cards [Video]

Tuesday Tutorial : Ideas For Scrapbooking Cards [Video]

Here’s a couple of great ideas for scrapbooking cards. These are both brought to you by AboveRubiesStudio.

Even though I have subscribed to her channel (her vids are really informative AND there’s over 300 of them!), I always find myself wishing for the ‘list of materials’ used. Just like a cooking recipe, I want the ingredients list!

Ideas For Scrapbooking Cards : Make a 3D Popped Up Window Card

Learn more about making cards and scrapbook pages at http://www.Aboverubiesstudio.com

Ideas For Scrapbooking Cards : LU2 Card Inspiration

I love making cards, this one is a fun little card to say I love you in a math equation ๐Ÿ™‚ Learn more at http://www.AboveRubiesStudio.com

What are some of your best ideas for scrapbooking cards? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to click on the LIKE button!


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