Using Dreambooks For Scrapbooking Inspiration

You’ve probably heard of ‘Vision Boards’ where you gather up photos of what you want to manifest in your life.  I do a variation of this for my garden inspiration and had no idea it had an actual name. Dreambooks. Turns out, there’s a gal (Susan Branch) who uses dreambooks for scrapbooking inspiration.

Dreambooks For Scrapbooking Inspiration

My dream books aren’t fancy . . . they’re just normal three ring binders I fill with plastic sleeves.  You can have a dream book for anything you’re wishing for; this one I’m showing you is my Garden Dream Book; I also have a “House Dream Book,” because at one time, Joe and I rebuilt a house, so I have pictures of wonderful cottages and bungalows , interesting wallpaper; porches, farm sinks, paint colors, kitchen floors, cute shelves, refrigerators, architectural things; everything there is in a house, all cut out of magazines, or photos I’ve taken myself.  My own private style reference book.  You could have a book that dreams of a new kitchen; you can have an antiques dream book, or a clothes and shoes dream book.  Or a vacation dream book.  Or if you wanted to start a Bed and Breakfast, you could collect all the things you want to have in it!  Including recipes!  There’s lots of magic in books like these.  Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!

Check out the rest of her post here.

My mom is a great user of the ‘Friends of the Library’ and I can’t tell you how many used magazines she’s bequeathed me from her outings. I certainly have torn out my share of inspirational pictures to add to my dreambooks. Do you have dreambooks?


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