Using Pinterest For Scrapbooking Ideas : Suppliment or Replacement?

Using Pinterest For Scrapbooking Ideas : Suppliment or Replacement?

There are a lot of online scrappers out there. Many of them are using Pintrest for scrapbooking ideas. It really couldn’t be a more perfect social platform to share, collect, and organize your scrapbook ideas. As a source of inspiration it can be even more addicting than Facebook or StumbleUpon. (at least, I’m finding it so!)

Here’s some excerpts from an interesting article that takes a look at 2 main stream and popular scrappers and their Pintrest presence. One is a traditional scrapper, while the other is more digital.

How 2 Scrappers Use Pintrest For Scrapbooking Ideas

The Traditional Scrapbooker: Stacy Julian

Stacy Julian is a guru in the scrapbooking world. A mother of five from Spokane, Washington, Julian has written four books on scrapbooking, the first in 2000. She was the founding editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine, which ran from 2002-2009.

Julian went on to found Big Picture Classes, an online education site for creative women. The company encourages its students “to use materials they have on hand or materials that can be acquired in their local economy.” So scrapbooking is viewed as a physical craft by Stacy Julian and her education website.

Stacy Julian has over 7,000 followers on Pinterest. She’s pinned 640 images, across 26 boards. She uses Pinterest mainly for inspiration, with her most popular board ‘Happy Colors’ being a place to “visit when I’m tired and need to find my mojo.” Color is an important part of her scrapbooking philosophy, but the emphasis is still on deploying colorful materials on paper – rather than online. So Pinterest is a complementary activity for Stacy Julian, it hasn’t replaced scrapbooking for her.

The Digital Scrapbooker: Ali Edwards

Ali Edwards has also written four books about scrapbooking (the first in 2004) and currently designs “digital scrapbooking products” for Designer Digitals. She has a foot in both camps of scrapbooking, paper and digital. She advises new scrapbookers that the best way to begin is to start writing and photographing, then “[bring] them together on your computer or with paper and glue.”

So-called digital scrapbooking is relatively new. The key tools are scanners, image editors like Adobe Photoshop, and specialist tools like the Silhouette (an electronic cutting tool that connects to your computer). Edwards designs templates and kits, containing things like PNG files and .STUDIO files for use with the Silhouette.

Even though Stacy Julian is the more established scrapbooker, Edwards has more followers on Pinterest: 16,500 compared to 7,000 for Julian. That’s really the only statistical difference between the two on Pinterest, however, because Edwards has pinned 652 images (Julian has 640), across 29 boards (Julian has 26).

Edwards’ most pinned board is one called Memory Keeping. Many of these pins are about layout inspiration and ideas.
Scrapbooking Reimagined? Nope

Despite the different scrapbooking approaches of the two gurus, neither Stacy Julian or Ali Edwards use Pinterest as a replacement for scrapbooking. Both use Pinterest primarily for inspiration and to catalog ideas. At best, Pinterest gives scrappers a community to share ideas and inspirations. But it isn’t reimagining scrapbooking.

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So for now, even the big name scrappers are not using Pintrest as a replacement for the craft of scrapbooking, but more as a way to connect with community and share and get inspired. So for now, there’s still no such thing as Pintrest Scrapbooking.

Are you on Pintrest? How do you use Pintrest? Leave your comment below.

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