Using Scrapbooking Punches to Add Pizzazz to Your Pages

What Kind Of Scrapbooking Punches Do You Need?


scrapbooking punches

So, you want to make the images and designs within your scrapbook layout stand out just a little bit more? If so, then scrapbooking punches can be an excellent way to add some pizzazz to your creations with very little effort. First, though, you need to think about the different types of punches that are available and how you can best use them to your advantage.

What Are Scrapbook Punches?

Essentially, scrapbooking punches are tools that allow you to “punch” out a paper design that can help add some flair to the images that you are already using. There are several different types of punches available and each one can work in a different way.


When you think of punches, you might be tempted to think of hole punchers and the little round circles that they leave behind. However, these types of punches do a lot more than simply make small circles! More than just basic geometrical designs, punches can help you round the corners on your images, emboss shapes and pictures, create borders, and more. Of course, there are also punches that will let you cut out basic shapes like squares, hearts, stars, circles, and other standard designs. The classics are sometimes the best when you’re not totally sure what to use.

The Top Scrapbooking Punches To Get

One of the most popular punches consists of “stitching.” This is an excellent way to decorate your layouts and it’s incredibly easy to use. Despite its name, there is no sewing machine or needles involved although you do use it to add ribbon or thread to your pages. Basically, you use the punch to create holes in your paper and then you use the holes to thread your string of choice through them.


If you already have a shape cut out, or you want to add some panache to your photograph, then an embossing punch can be a lot of fun, too. The embossing punches add even more detail and dimensions to your designs with very little effort on your part.


Border punches are another option if you’d like to include details to any designs, images, or layouts that you might be using. You can find small borders, large borders, and even borders that have embossing or stamping mechanisms on them.


If you want to add something fun to your photographs but you don’t like the idea of cutting them up then a corner rounder can be a great tool to employ. It simply does what it implies: it rounds the corners of your pictures. Sometimes, you just don’t want to cut too much into your photograph. In fact, some people really don’t like the idea of cutting into their photos much at all! If you want to use the entire image but you like the idea of making it look unique then this tool can help you achieve that without taking anything away from the image itself.


It can be a lot of fun to mix and match your punches within your layouts, too. Using a border punch down the side of your layout and then a corner rounder on the photographs within your layout can be a great way to add different designs and dimensions to your page without putting forth a lot of complicated effort. Your end results will look fabulous and all it took was a couple of snaps here and there!


Keep Your Scrapbooking Punches Sharp

A quick tip to help you sharpen your scrapbooking punches: Punch through aluminum foil a couple of times. The foil will act like a sharpening agent and it’s a supply that you probably already have right in your kitchen! There’s nothing worse than having dull scrapbooking punches