Ways To Save While Scrapbooking

Ways To Save While Scrapbooking

Frugal is the new black? Ok, lame, I know…but we are all pinching pennys while the economy recovers and finding ways to save while scrapbooking is just one aspect of the nouveau frugale lifestyle.

Here’s a couple of good posts from the folks over at ScrapJazz.

Ways To Save While Scrapbooking : 15 Ways To Recycle Cards

As a scrapbooker and card maker, I am fully aware that my hobby uses a lot of pretty paper. Once upon a time I used to create a scrapbook page and then throw the scraps away, whatever their size. I soon realised that this was not only wasting money but wasting precious resources.

A friend, with whom I attended a crop, made me see sense when she used the pieces I threw away to create a very lovely card. In fact she took the scraps away with her and has been creating gorgeous things ever since with them. It really made me think about what I was wasting, and approach things in a different way.  Now, any scraps I have I use to create cards or I shred them for packaging gifts or sending things in the mail.

Recycling isn’t new. Think back to the beginning of mankind – anything and everything would have been reused from turning animal bones into utensils to using animal skins to keep warm. In war time nothing was disregarded as it could be used again.  It really is only modern-day mankind that produces waste to the extent that we do.

Looking at paper specifically, it used to be made from old rags, cotton and such material. It was only in the mid 19th century that trees started to get cut specifically to make paper. As papercrafters we need to take note of this and be more aware of our impact on the environment.

It can be difficult, of course, and does require a little effort but actually it can be really fun and quite the challenge. Check out these previous articles about how you can approach your scrapbooking in a more environmentally friendly way.


Ways To Save While Scrapbooking : Creating Your Own Scrap Kits

During this recession many of us are looking for extra ways to save money.  Oftentimes the first luxury items to be cut from the budget are hobbies and crafts so  I wanted to find a way to use the supplies I already have in fun and creative ways.

I love the idea of a monthly scrapbook kit that comes to my door, but I just can afford the additional expense.  Also I tend to find myself with lots of leftovers that I just can’t find a use for because the kits tend to be quite large and I don’t like having several of my layouts looking the same.

I decided that instead of purchasing a monthly kit from someone else I would try my hand at creating my own kits with supplies I already have.  Maybe I’ll even be able to swap kits with friends so we can all have something new to play with!

If you want to create your own scrapbook kits I suggest starting off with a large zip-top bag, clean/unused pizza-style box, or a large plastic storage container.   I love these slim, stackable flip top containers from Art Bin.  For a more reasonably [K1] priced option look at these page planner containers from Cropper Hopper.  You get three of them for only $5.99!

Once you have a way to keep your supplies organized and labeled you’re all ready to start packaging your own scrap kits.

I use this general formula:

6 sheets of 12″ x 12″ cardstock (2 each of 3 colors)
4 to 6 sheets of coordinating patterned papers
1 set of alphabet stickers, chipboard letters, or rub-on letters
journaling cards, journal-box stamped images, printed quote, etc.
3-D elements that coordinate with the themes/colors/patterns of the papers
chipboard shapes

This recipe varies depending on the papers and embellishments I have in my supply closet at any given time.  However, these are the basics that I start with, and I can add other fun items as I find them. Sometimes I put in a stamp set, or some acrylic paint – whatever inspires me.



Scrapbooking on a Budget [Book]

And lastly, you can’t forget the awesome resource that is Amazon. Here’s a little book to wet your whistle!

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