Website O Week: Scrapbook Lifetips

Website O Week: Scrapbook Lifetips

Who doesn’t want lifetips….and scrapbooking lifetips? Bonus! Let the happy dance commence.

There are just soooooo many really good scrapbooking sites out there. And it’s one of my primary reasons for doing a weekly review of some of the best scrapbooking sites online. I may even digress and do a period post of a really bad scrapbooking site. <ahem> As if I need more side projects….but… I digress.

Best Scrapbooking Sites Online : Scrapbook Lifetips

I have to say…from a tips standpoint, this site has a ton….and let me just say, a ton of really helpful tips. From tools and techniques, to questions and organizing. This site is so well thought out and really elegantly simple. Definitely in my bookmarks. My only complaint (and it is a minor annoyance) is the adwords advertising between each tip section. I completely understand why they do it….to help pay for the site’s upkeep and whatnot. I have to do that as well, but I just don’t like the ‘look’ of adwords and they never seem to be related to the topic on the page. Because, sure…..when I’m looking for tips on how to scrapbook, I really need to know about Craftsman Mowers. Why, just the other day, while I was cropping away, I thought to myself….”I could be doing this on my Craftsman Mower.”


So the official blurb from the site itself is short and sweet.

Enjoy these 390 Scrapbook tips created by Milenna Russell, our exclusive Scrapbook Guru and industry expert contributor. If it’s Scrapbook information you’re looking for, you’ll find it here with 24 different categories ranging from Baby Scrapbooks to Wedding Scrapbooks.

Source here.


My aim here with my weekly review of the best scrapbooking sites online, is to provide my readers with a filtered lists if you will. As time marches on, I may even cobble together the cream of the crop into a useful scrapbooking resource guide. Is that something that would interest you? Please let me know in the comments below.

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