Wedding Scrapbook Album Ideas : Tis The Season

Wedding Scrapbook Album Ideas : Tis The Season

wedding scrapbook album ideasIt’s rolling around to the wedding season and time to comb the internet for some fabulous wedding scrapbook album ideas.

There’s usually a ton, but here’s two that I found. One is more of a basic ‘how to organize’ kind, while the other is more of a confession of procrastination (which I know absolutely nothing about <smirk>)

Wedding Scrapbook Album Ideas : Organizing


Organizing Your Wedding Album

wedding scrapbook layout ideas

“I want to make my wedding album—but how do I organize all my photos and memorabilia?” It’s one of the most frequent questions I hear—from new brides and from women trying to tackle that “wedding box” years after the actual ceremony.

A wedding album is a very special thing, and putting one together can seem like a daunting task. Once you start organizing it, though, it’s easy to break it down into a manageable project. Let’s go!

About The Album
I recommend using a post-bound album or a 3-ring binder-style album for a book like this. Both styles allow you to move pages around easily, so organizing is less stressful.

Standard post-bound albums (like those from Paper Pizazz® or Pioneer Albums) will have plastic page protectors bound into the book. You can open the binding of the album at the back to add more pages that are sold separately—there are instructions included in each album, and it’s really easy to do. Each sheet protector usually has a white or black sheet of cardstock inside. You can replace this with your decorated page, placing two decorated pages back-to-back inside the protector. I use those cardstock sheets for matting, since I prefer to make my pages on patterned paper instead of plain cardstock.

If you want to switch pages around, just pull the page from the protector and replace with a different one.

The Intro Page
Every album will start with one single opening page—when you open the cover, this single page will set the stage and theme of your book. The rest of the pages in the book will open to be double-page spreads. For a wedding album, this first page is the perfect place for your title (“Chris and LeNae’s Wedding: December 15, 1990″) and a favorite photo of the two of you. That photo can be a wedding picture, engagement photo or just a casual picture of the two of you together.

For the rest of the album, you can create double-page spreads, single page layouts or a combination of both. A double page spread is where both pages coordinate by color, theme and event—so you’ll open the book and “read” both pages together. You might dedicate a two-page spread to your reception, for example, but only have enough photos of your wedding preparations for a single-page layout. And of course, you can always dedicate more than two pages to a particular part of the wedding!

Coordinating Your Album
A theme album generally has a thread of continuity throughout the book. Please don’t feel like you need to use the same paper, or even the same color, on every page in your album. It’s much more visually pleasing and easier to scrapbook if you use papers and embellishments that coordinate with the photos. For example, just because your wedding color was pink doesn’t mean you must use pink throughout your book. You might instead choose to use the same journaling font throughout for a look of continuity.



Wedding Scrapbook Album Ideas : Inspiration (with just a side of procrastination)

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wedding scrapbook layout ideas

*UPDATE – I’ve now started my own wedding scrapbook since this post.  Click here to see the progress.*

I’m close to finishing my last college scrapbook.  The next project is scrapbooking my wedding!

I’m actually very intimidated about this.  I want to make the wedding scrapbook just. right.

Five years isn’t too late, right?  Since it’s been about five years since we got married, I figure I should get around to scrapbooking the wedding.  I’m actually fine with putting it off for this long.  I had super craft burnout after the wedding and I don’t think I would have done a good job.

So what are your ideas?  Do you have a wedding scrapbook?  A wedding album?  Both?  What would you have done if you were married a while ago and scrapbooked back then?

Some fun examples:  I’ve been combing the internets looking for some inspiration.  Here is some of what I found:

  • Elise’s Wedding Album: This is definitely an album rather than a scrapbook, but I love the clean polished look.  The colors are very vivid but she still manages to keep a lot of white space to make it look fresh.
  • Sharyn’s Wedding Scrapbook:  This is a scrapbook done in black, white and red.  Definitely striking!  What I like here is that she included her invitation and other tangibles.  That’s definitely on my list to do.
  • Kelley’s Wedding Scrapbook: I love how Kelly included her proposal and everything leading up to her wedding in the scrapbook.
  • Natalie’s Wedding Scrapbook*:  Did you know that there’s another Natalie who also blogs about scrapbooking, got married the same month and year that I did and is working on her wedding scrapbook this year?  Her scrapbook is gorgeous and is the closest thing I’ve seen to what I want to do.



And if you are still stuck and need a visual aid, here’s a video to kick start your muse:

I hope you found this post about wedding scrapbook album ideas helpful and maybe just a wee bit inspirational. At the very least, you can rest assured that you are not alone in your procrastination!

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