What Kind Of Scrapbooker Are you? Digital or Traditional?

What Kind Of Scrapbooker Are you? Digital or Traditional?

Hi my name is Mary and I’m a pack rat.

I’m finding myself wishing for a 12 step program for people like myself who are self-avowed ‘pack-rats’. Or as I like to call it….

I’ve gotten better over the years and some of my circumstances have forced me to reduce (like moving to a smaller house). But I’m the type of person who has a problem solving brain. With nearly every object I see, I can envision the potential use of. Creative or otherwise.

The creative reuse of items is something that I enjoy, but it also becomes something of a problem as I have a tendency to stockpile those things for eventual future use.

One of the ways that I’ve used to reduce the amount of clutter I have is to go digital with it.
Obviously, you can’t apply this across the board, but there are some areas of life that can be reduced down to a digital format.

Paper is the obvious thing here. The instruction manual for your fridge. The warranty for your car. Your photos, your insurance privacy policy…all of these kinds of things are ideal candidates for digitization.

It can be a long road though. Especially with photographs and documents. These days, it’s a little easier to start with digital from this day forward.
Photo developers offer pictures on disk, banks offer your statements as PDF downloads and so on.

But there is a back log of the old stuff that was accumulated before digital options were available.

Enter the scanner.

Today, I’ve got a small pile (and for your sanity’s sake….use ONLY small piles) of household manuals that are going to be digitized.
I have my trusty kitchen timer which I set to 25 minutes. I turn off all programs but the scan program, set the timer and go.
When the dinger goes off. I get up and do something to recharge.
Look out the window at the garden. Play with my dogs. Get some water. Stretch.
After 5 minutes, I come back and set the timer again.
Since my pile is small, it takes me no more that 2 or 3 of these intervals to get through it.

I use Evernote to keep the majority of my digital files in organized folders.
This tool is free, but there’s also a yearly membership for the ‘pro’ version that offers more storage.

One of the things I like about Evernote is that there’s a synchronized copy on their servers. I can also view my files from any device.
Ipad, iphone, computer. Wherever I am, I can get to these. I’ve already converted all my recipes and uploaded them.
If there are private things that you want to protect, you can put a password on them.

So slowly, but surely, I’m digitizing my life and reducing the amount of clutter that I have stored over the years.

I am also seriously considering going digital with scrapbooking. Frankly, my house is just not big enough to support having a whole room dedicated scrapbooking. I’m not quite there yet. I still very much enjoy the tactile nature of handling the paper and photos and embellishments. But I do see myself going that way in the near future. It will be an interesting process.

So, what kind of scrapbooker are you? Digital or Traditional? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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