What’s In The Perfect Newsletter?

What’s In The Perfect Newsletter?

What’s In The Perfect Newsletter?

I’m on a lot of mailing lists. Both scrapbook lists and others.

Occasionally I reach that plateau of Oh-My-God-I-Get-Too-Much-Email-Please-Make-Them-Stop.

It’s usually caused by the ‘one annoyance too far’.  My latest peeve is that I get too many from one particular list and I’m getting ready to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button. They are also WAY too ‘salesy’. Seems like Every-Single-Email I get from them bludgeons me with 50% off this, 30% off that. Not cool.

So in the interest of tailoring my list to my readers, I have to ask…
What is the perfect newsletter for you?
How often do you want to see one? (once a week/month/quarter)
What type of content? Digital vs Traditional (or Hybrid)?
How-to’s? Product Reviews? Do you prefer videos? How about links to free downloads?
What’s your preference? Chime in down below in the comments box.
Shameless incentive…..Best comment gets 4 back issues of Sommerset Magazine!

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